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Hi I’m Benjamin from Canada, I stumbled across the website awhile back while I was looking into gnostic beliefs, found I can agree with much of what it says.

As a former soldier I realizes how messed up our countries foreign policies are and the joke that democracy has become. “Yes, we can” we can stay in the same system of corporate rule or we can actually become the change we seek… Had enough of that.


Hello everyone,

My name is Chris, I live in the United States.

I’ve been studying Meritocracy as a whole for a couple months, just acquiring information, asking questions, and realizing that this is the ideal form of government for the future. Even, before I knew about meritocracy, I knew something was wrong with our world and how we need to change it from old ways of life. I strongly do believe in the principle of the New World Order. This is because I want to see drastic change, new economics, new politics, just new everything. Led me also to a simple conclusion. “What’s the risk?”

I hope to someday, acquire more information about meritocracy, and I can contribute even more rather than simply just discussing it.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

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Hello. I’m Elena, nice to meet you all! I’m currently studying International Politics at King’s College London, and I’m about to graduate this year. I have a particular set of skills… which are quite useless - I can read things, write essays and memorize stuff - yeppee for the system! These are the only skills I’ve been familiarised with so far from the things I’ve been exposed to. I have never done political activism, but I have done plenty of volunteering work in my home-country.
I love languages and I’m currently studying Japanese. I like reading in my free time and playing videogames. I’m an overly-honest person, to the point of being too blunt to be socially acceptable. I love learning about anything and everything, I love questioning things and making people uncomfortable. Taking people out of their comfort zone is a necessity for their growth since it stretches their limits and makes them rethink things. This can be understood as “you’re an annoying cunt” or “yeah, it’s nice that you enjoy a good discussion about anything”, depending on how prone you are to get offended.
My understanding of Meritocracy right now is quite basic, though I fell in love with the idea at first sight, and hence challenged myself to know it better by picking it as a topic for my dissertation. What’s life without a good challenge?
I’m not sure how I can contribute and what practical contribution I can make seeing as I’m not bound to any country or place (I love traveling and I love wandering - I might be in Australia next year hopefully). Also I’m a student and I’m broke xD sorry I can’t offer any type of material support T_T
I have noticed however that I can learn things relatively faster than my peers, hence I could be helped in this quest. If you think you have a specific thing I can help with, tell me what to do and I can give it a try.

This being said, feel free to message me :smiley:


That’s pretty good!! What are your plans with your PowerPoint?

Where in the U.S ARE YOU? I’m in California.

Welcome @Benjamin, @rw005 and @Zetsuboukize! We’re glad to have you all here and look forward to your contributions to making Meritocratic Democracy a reality!

How would you guys describe your understanding of Meritocracy in 100 words? You can view what others have said over here: Meritocracy in 100 words

I’m gonna give it a shot myself without looking at what others have said. I’m a beginner in this so I only have a basic understanding of it, but here goes nothing.

It is an elitist state, that wants to allow the best of the people to get to the top. Everything is based on each person’s merit. Elitist in this context should be understood as intellectual elites. It is partly still a sort of democracy because it allows people to vote in areas where they are qualified. Hypothetically it would bring up only the most qualified in those fields.
It is an over-powerful state, because in order to allow for equal opportunity for every child, capitalism cannot be trusted, even less trickle-down economics. It requires a 100% inheritance tax which would need a strong state apparatus to redistribute efficiently.
It would hypothetically prevent cronyism, “old money” and dynasties to form.
(yey, a lot less than 100 words) xD

Even so in my honest opinion it still need a good system of checks and balances. :slight_smile: Or maybe I’m just not yet aware of the existing one.

Thanks @Zetsuboukize, it’s always to interesting to hear how people sum it up! Yes, you’re right that as a system it still needs developing and refining, but that’s the core idea: that it uses reason, the scientic method and the “dialectic” to find the best policies to achieve Equal Opportunity for Every Child. Policies based on what works and what doesn’t work, instead of what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”.

I thought about that a lot and what you’re proposing would be very difficult to tinker with at a national level. Wouldn’t it be easier to implement it on a smaller scale and twink it until all possible difficulties are accounted for (albeit it could be done even when sitting down and thinking but reality often poses problems that one could never even imagine - for reference see the most idiotic laws that exist across the world; they’ve all come from a real situation that has posed a problem at one point in time)?

I mean it would be a shame if it could finally be implemented only to be overthrown immediately due to incapacity of dealing with certain issues that have not been foreseen. :slight_smile: But I guess with politics it is like that; constant experimentation. That’s why no two countries in existence are identical.
Even so, I still believe if a ruckus should be made about it, we should be damn sure of what exactly is going to happen and how.

I’m just reading the most recent update from the AC website - The Movement Reloaded (I haven’t been on for ages so not sure how recent it is). It resonates with what you said about the difficulty of implementing some of these ideas on a national level - “The only way to do this is through breaking up nation states into states and city-states, each with a particular identity that everyone in that small state or city-state chooses and agrees with.”


What you mentioned would indeed resolve the problem of the focus on the family and extend it to the focus on community since everyone would be more closely related to each other. Identifying with a smaller group generally makes people more prone to support it and work for it. It can be thought of in terms of groupthink too. The bigger the group is, the less responsibility each member feels towards any given event.
But this is still fun to debate and find new solutions to. I’m looking forward to seeing the synthesis that this project will evolve into.

My name is Noe and I am a 16 years old french-japanese boy living in Tokyo. I currently spend a lot of my free time reading the AC website (I am half way through now), and the God Series (I am on the sixth one). I like also to go to the gym and play tennis. My native language is French, but I also speak English and Japanese. I am an INTP. I consider myself good at philosophy and psychology. I am currently studying mathematics and science at the french education system.
I support meritocracy for the following reasons. My parents are quite wealthy I think (new money), but they lack depth like our society in general. I consider them products of our superficial society. For myself, I have had enlightenments like described in the AC website, and I had always sought a greater meaning in life. Therefore, I think that meritocracy is the political system needed to bring a new society with equal opportunities for every child, and in the same time the solution to a new spirital revolution.
By searching how I could contribute to the Movement, I found this website. However, now I don’t have clear ideas of how I could contribute apart from talking to my friends about it. I am motivated about bringing a New Age (NWO) based on meritocracy where each individuals has an importance in their local community. Let’s do it ! :smile:


Hi YP, you’re as alone as I am here in Finland :smile: Someone has to start, right? I’m reading to university exams for a few months more and doing translation to Finnish, you might do French and Japanese?
If, then begin with these: and “using

tags on the questions in order to facilitate posting the FAQs to” as I was instructed.
Here is another source of text that I have not yet gone through: Might be a lot of stuff copied from AC and/or
Flyers/posters and Facebook will probably be the next step of Meritocracy in Finland :smiley:

Edit: the tags needed for questions are not visible, instead they create a gap in the post?


Welcome on board YoungPhoenix :blush:
My name is Rintaro and I also live in Japan. I am double years as old as yours. It’s wonderful to see someone living in Japan has access to AC and the God Series. I read most of the AC content and finished several of the God Series. My MBTI is also INTP, which indicates that we have many in common.
Please send me a private message and let us discuss the further introduction of Movement into Japan.
Hope to hear from you.


Ok, I am going to try to translate these first in French which is my native language. I am sending my works by private message once I had finished. So should I put the tags in the end of each questions?

I am glad there is someone else of the Movement in Japan ! :blush:
You could be my “senpai” ! I will send you a message nextly when I’ve got more time.

Contact Roberto about the translations, he knows how to formulate them.

Greetings all,

My name is Gionni I’m 26 From Las Vegas Nevada and was born on the opposite side of where I currently live. My free time is spend enjoying myself and the natural outdoor environment, I enjoy oil painting, drawing, practicing yoga, and writing articles poems or in my journal. The extent of my experience with political activism extends only towards protesting, and writing to our elected officials about my opinions, and/or expressing my opinions verbally to my fellow human beings to raise the awareness of ‘dark’ issues.

I don’t have many ‘formal’ skills, I have training and lots of experience in sales and marketing ideas, services, products. I have experience in writing, debating, counseling, public speaking, building & leading teams of individuals. My personal qualities include willingness, compassion towards understanding & accepting what is and stretching towards progression in it’s highest form.

My understanding of meritocracy consist of the Idea that the most measurably talented individuals, in any given field are the ones who gain authority to make decisions to perpetuate the progression of that particular field. These talented individuals are leaders who are responsible to develop goals for their field and actively strive to achieve them, training others who are interested in said field, and truthfully educate the public of the fields goals and progress. In return it is the fellow meritocrats job to get & be involved in learning about the fields and to consistently express ones opinions to the leaders of said field in order to perpetuate a balance of thought energy within the community.

The overall energy of the whole of the meritocracy democracy is benevolent and thrives to act as a perfect entity expressing divine will.
I would like to start a meritocracy party here in Las Vegas and work to spread the awareness of the meritocratic party. I can begin contributing my opinion to other meritocrats on this website and actively talking about the meritocracy party in my community.