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Hi guys,
My name is Jason Lattimore and I’m from Reevesville S.C. located in the U.S. I’m not going to make this long winded so lemme get started: I’m 41, I’ve been working in Carpentry/Construction for 20+ yrs. I’ve got very little what you might call ‘education’ but have a Mensa level IQ and just fell into a rough crowd back in high school days. I’m also a married father of 4 and stepfather to another 3.

I’ve been an activist for both the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party. I started as an activist for the GOP in 2011 and to a limited extent the LP in 2012 (based on candidate merit, not partisan affiliations). I was an active member of the County GOP until 2014 and still maintain a limited amount of activism there, after this most recent cycle I’ve washed my hands of the LP. If the LP cannot take itself seriously enough to take advantage of a golden opportunity then I’m not wasting anymore time with them. Which brings me to the point I’m at now; I’ve been studying the tenets of The Meritocracy Movement for a year or so now and am ready to get involved here.


Hi there.
I am Belanus, also known as Andrew. I’m 48 years old and reside in Colchester, UK. I am married with two grown up children.

In my free time, I read (non-fiction, mainly philosophical/esoteric subject matter), write poetry and am studying mathematics (self study, not formal).

I have not been involved with political activism to any extent although I have always had an interest in politics. My father was a trade union man and instilled in me ideas of justice, fairness and a willingness to work (even sacrifice) for the common good. Some years ago, I did spend some time with a local representative group (offering a locally based alternative to the mainstream parties) and was asked to stand for local councillor but unfortunately moved from the area soon afterwards. My wife and I home-educated both our children to secondary school age which gave me experience in talking to people about an idea that may be considered “strange” or even “subversive” to most people. Latterly I joined the local Labour Party, impressed as I was with Jeremy Corbyn’s alternative approach. However, I found the local party very much a closed “clique” and quite antagonistic to Corbyn’s leadership.

My native language is English; I currently make my living from car sales and am a semi-professional musician (I play bass guitar and sing - see I have always written poetry and prose for my own amusement and consider writing a definite skill of mine. A long career in car sales / car sales management has given me valuable experience in the science of communicating with / influencing / motivating different types of people.

As for personal traits, I appear (from psychometric tests) to be a balanced blend of logical thinker and creative risk taker. I am passionate and forthright when I believe in something, a trait that has not always endeared me to those I have met or have worked with - some people don’t want to hear the truth! However, I am always quick to apologise if I feel my assertiveness has over-stepped the mark. I consider myself a radical and a revolutionary; I have an intense interest in the world, in learning and in evolving my own potential toward my “omega point”.

Meritocracy appeals to me as I have long since realised the catastrophic results visited on our public life by our so-called “democracy”, which is just a popularity contest designed to appeal to the basest qualities of the masses. Cronyism and nepotism have always angered me; I see Meritocracy as the only political system that can reverse the evils perpetrated on the People by the capatalist elite.

I would contribute in any way I possibly can. I see myself as possibly standing for election in some capacity as an independent Meritocratic candidate. In terms of immediate action, I am attempting to engage poeple in discussion on the subject as and when I can, whilst learning as much as I can about the theory.


Hi Arthur. My wife (a fellow meritocrat) will be in Liverpool 3rd to 7th April if you fancied meeting up?
Best wishes


I can’t figure out how to send private messages on this site. Could you please email me the PDF copy you have of the old I’ve combed the internet and can’t find any other copies or people with copies that I can ask. I know a lot of people have asked you for it, but like I said, I have nowhere else to turn. My email is [email protected] if you can find the time. Thanks for reading this.


I can’t figure out how to send private messages on this site. Could you please email me the PDF copy you have of the old I’ve combed the internet and can’t find any other copies or people with copies that I can ask. I know a lot of people have asked you for it, but like I said, I have nowhere else to turn. My email is [email protected] if you can find the time. Thanks for reading this!


Hi, I’m Tom. I’m 22, from Connecticut. I like to spend my free time writing, playing, and recording music, working out, and reading. I was the VP of an organization called ConnPIRG at the University of Connecticut in 2014-2015 so I have experience as a volunteer for the public interest, although I was a lackluster executive. My native language is English. I am currently studying to become an electrician.

My best quality is that I am very stubborn. It is also my worst quality.

Meritocracy to me just means that only pure merit will get you anywhere in the world. Nothing else is taken into consideration; not race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability to juggle, or whatever. And this is why I left ConnPIRG and ultimately college: I could never find a cause that was worth the full force of my energy. I have found the cause, and I hope you all feel what I feel. There’s a storm coming.

I would like to contribute directly by volunteering to nominate candidates, going to town halls, anything and everything we can. But first, we must raise awareness. I think that starts with a strong social media presence.

Practically, my first goal is to meet face to face with some meritocrats who live close to me. If you are interested, please comment. We can do this.

M for the Movement :metal:


Greetings one and all. Like most of you, I discovered Meritocracy through the original AC site. I have been studying all the necessary related material for a few years and have decided now is the time to make a difference in the real world through the Meritocracy political movement.

I am 29 years old. I am from the USA. I live in Memphis, TN. I mostly spend my free time reading and making music as a drummer. I have never been involved in any political activism or volunteer activities. I have never even voted and do not regret that choice, given how the system is. My native language is English. I have a rather basic education. I graduated high school and completed some college courses, but did not graduate. Currently I work two no nothing type jobs, making enough to get by and live comfortably. According to online tests, I am an INTJ personality type.

As I understand Meritocracy, it is the only political system which calls for the “rule by the best”. In other words, Meritocracy seeks to place the smartest individuals in charge of their respective fields to ensure the best possible outcome for all citizens. Unlike any current political system, Meritocracy is dialectical. If something does not work after being tried out, it is not done again. Contrast this with the approach that is frequently taken here in the West. Meritocracy seems to advocate the scientific method approach to politics and sociology. This seems like the most logical way to do things, which is one of the many appeals of Meritocracy.

Ideally, I would like to find other Meritocrats in my local area to team up with and collaborate with, though I am not opposed to working with people far away. If anyone within reasonable distance from my city happens to be reading this, message me so we can get something going in real life. Since I am new to activism, I would like to meet and work with seasoned activists who know how this game is played. I am always open to learning.


Where are you from? New Hampshire (US)

Where do you live? Greater Seattle area

How do you like to spend your free time? Reading, scrapbooking, writing in my diary, embroidery, watching Brit TV (esp Doctor Who)

Have you been involved in any political activism? I’ve worked on a mayoral campaign, does that count?

Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities? Camp counselor for mentally disabled children & adults; Police Explorer

What’s your native language? American English

What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise? Written and verbal communications; typing, 10 key by touch, transcription; strong science and medical info background; student of spirituality since Feb 1987 (was raised atheist and Unitarian-Universalist), studied Buddhism, Taoism, Paganism (Celtic, Anglo-Saxon), Christianity, Hinduism; can’t think of much else

What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself? Articulate, fun and funny, intelligent, empathic/sensitive, kind, passionate and especially a geek

What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you? I must admit, I’m still learning but ideally, I see it as a government based truly on merit, that those qualified to do so will be the leaders, not just who has the most money and influential friends

How would you ideally like to contribute? Using my communication skills in some way, like data entry, typing, transcribing from dictation, writing press releases and posts on social media

What practical contribution can you begin making immediately? I’d like to create a main post for Washington state, then go to Twitter and Facebook to encourage people in my area to explore Meritocracy and join the Movement.


Hi There, My name is David Thompson - Bows. I live in Leeds west Yorkshire in England. I like walking and reading as well as playing Golf although not in a club more for myself than with the idiotic freemasons.

In truth I have never voted in my life (i’m 51) because from been a child in Sheffield I saw that neither of the parties were that interested in making things better for people like me. Labour MP are bought and sold to the unions, conservatives to the banks and business. over simplistic maybe, however I have yet to be proved wrong.

I am from a very poor family and I spent my adult life learning to be a better person. I am the first person to become a senior manager in my family. I turned my back on my drug addict father and mother and went to London and cultured myself as I worked in the National Gallery.

The Meritocracy party really speaks to me as a person that here is a party that wants people like me to help society and to ensure that everyone no matter what their background are given the same benefits in life.

I will seriously consider running in the next elections and shouting the benefits of the party to all that want to listen, and indeed to all those that don’t