Leaflets (Design)


Some examples and links please…


There are some examples here: http://themovementrebooted.org/the-armory/ Just scroll down and have a look around the site…


This is funny - http://themovementrebooted.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/074.jpg -made me laugh, it underlines how democracy looks at weight of numbers only (Plato wrote about that a lot saying democracy would always lead to injustice).


What about this one as an idea?


I would think carefully before using children in any political statements especially in the context of corruption.


I appreciate that point, but, this is from the Film The Matrix, and as
such, is very symbolic indeed. Also, we are offering equal opportunity for
children so I personally do not see a problem with this…


You will need legal advice. The Martrix also shows machine guns, try putting that in and see reaction.


I don’t think we need legal advice. People are making up memes using famous people, films, cartoons etc… all over Facebook & no-one’s batting an eyelid. If we actually got sued then that would equal free publicity. They could only ask you to delete the content. I think everyone here knows good taste from bad taste & where the boundaries are.

Just a note to everyone on this thread - this is the difference between the Movement Rebooted and us - they don’t spend endless days, weeks, months debating things, they just get out there & do it. We will all make mistakes along the way, through trial & error, but it’s better to attempt things & even if you fail, you’ll be better informed on how to tackle something the next time round.