Public wants fewer lawyers as MPs, more doctors and scientists


An obvious step towards Meritocracy, if we take it.


I think the preference is right. But we need another type of education. A mathematical one. But this will not arrive until the illuminist Republic or the Politeia is established. So, it is a vicious game. The only way to gain the game is by intuition, or unconscious mathematics. Only the ones will arrive, and surely because others have opened the path.

Lawyers know the law, but they serve the owners of the banks. But doctors and scientist are nothing but specialised lawyers. They will not do the correct job. We need other kind of people: the psycho-physicists. Those are the true heroes. The ones who, having a scientific degree, choose to avoid dogmatic materialism and embrace dialectic spiritualism.


Sorry you cannot say “Scientists are specialised lawyers”.

What all scientists share is the ‘scientific method’. Whereby a theory is proposed, then that theory is tested via experiments. Unlike lawyers you don’t see various schools of science getting into irrational arguments with eachother. Unlike religion you don’t see various sects of science going to war with eachother, like Protestants VS Catholics, both are christian but were killing eachother, or more recently Sunni VS Shiite muslims, both Muslim but killing eachother. But you don’t see Biologists killing Chemists, or Physicists killing Astronomists, simply because scientists must use the scientific method - if two scientists want to go to metaphorical “war” then they have to prove their points via experiments.

The scientific method should get a peace prize, it’s one of the only backbones keeping society sane at the moment.

Lawyers don’t use the scientific method, the ex-lawyer MP’s we have now are pathetic, they have moralist arguments about abortion and gay rights, two topics almost nobody gives a shit about.


Some people, like Hockney, take their hostility toward science a little too far. I don’t think scientists can be called dogmatic materialists. They are open minded people searching for the truth.


There are both types of scientists, the introverted thinkers who tend to work on grand unified theories of everything, and the extroverted thinkers who focus on projects that solve small specific problems - like a new toothbrush that doubles up as a dildo.

One thinks the meaning of life is things made of Clay, while the other thinks the meaning of life is the Clay-bound Spirit.

Either way both types have to abide by the ‘scientific method’ and if you can prove something with an experiment then any scientist will have to eventually admit that you’re right.


Introverted and extroverted are the same thing. They define each other and they can’t survive without the other. Once we become more one with life, we see this. It’s different ways of looking/doing the same things


I think everything that has been said here has it’s own truth to it. Many scientists have fallen victim to their own consciousness and fail to realize some of the implications of their discoveries. Many of them refuse to accept the existence of cause and effect outside the physical realm. Mathematics does indeed underlie everything. I also agree that the scientific method itself is one of the most powerful tools we have in understanding the world we live in day to day and must be applied to a government comprised of both intoverted and extroverted thinkers, who are in fact just two sides of the same coin.


Sorry you cannot say introverted and extroverted thinkers are two sides of the same coin. That would make the whole Myers-Briggs personality typing irrelevant. While one centers their life around ideas (which are immortal), the other spends their life moving atoms around, as though one configuration of atoms has more meaning than another configuration of atoms.


Based on my understanding of the dialect. It wouldn’t be an inaccurate statement.


An extrovert is concern with things made of clay, while an introvert is concerned with the clay-bound spirit.

The behavior of extroverts is to collect stuff, “look at my collection of cars, I have 20 cars, I’m great!”

The behavior of introverts is motivated by the non-physical, the non-material, the mental universe.

But it’s all the same according to you, all humans purpose for existence is to turn food into shit. That’s it, we are all the same, end of discussion!


Not at all. Thesis, atithesis, synthesis. The dialect is the process by which the One becomes many and ultimately returns to the One. All opposites can be viewed in terms of the dialect. That is all i was referring to. This wasn’t meant to be an argument. I was only agreeing with you in that the scientific method needs to be applied to the way we govern society.


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