University Meritocracy Clubs

Found another two.

A great source Britains Invisible Empire (full lecture) - YouTube

damn i really really enjoy reading the ac website and almost at 60% completed when i had to stop due to me being so busy with my new job profile. when i try to visit it and continue reading it, its already gone. i shouldve printed all the articles when i had the chance. now i will no longer be able to read the rest of the chapters. so sad.

Did you guys set this up in the end?

Yes. We had some meetings, people showed up, but most are not of quality. Had some disagreement in details. But found a couple of quality people.

What would be the next steps in your opinion?

I am one of the founding members of The Meritocratic Community at Louisiana State University, along with Drew. I would say our club is doing rather well. Throughout the Spring we hosted weekly meetings with the occasional guest speaker. There were 3 meetings where 8-12 people showed. There were also moments where it was just Drew and I.

Here are some engaging activities I’d like to incorporate in the fall: socratic seminars with teas and treats, guest speakers, video viewings with maybe a pot luck and “open stand” for informative and relevant discussion. There was also a thought of hosting a meaningful music meeting- a member suggested this with the song “Vultures of Culture” by Nahko & Medicine for the People in mind. I also have some thought provoking songs to contribute. These suggestions might help with the issue of gathering without succumbing to debauchery activities.

We do have a Facebook page - The Meritocratic Community of LSU. I’ll post dates for meetings and guest speakers, pictures, quotes, articles, discussion posts (ex: book recommendations), etc. We currently have 70 likes and reached 98 people this week.

I am looking forward to this coming semester and expect the club will grow. However, we strive for quality over quantity. That is something time will reveal itself. We make sure our political platform is known, however it is not something I expect many to agree with right off the back. I am aware it will take time and from their own desire can we only achieve real support. But what I can do is supply tools to encourage rational decision making and critical thinking, my two primary goals with this club.

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I welcome constructive criticism on our Facebook page and further recommendations for boosting our club. We do plan on posting promotional flyers around campus; the exact layout has yet to be determined.

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