What is the first Human Right?


I am a computer programmer, 3D CAD designer, and music composer. In other words I understand light, sound and mathematics to a ridiculous level. I make complex physics computer simulations all the time, based on my own mathematics. I meditate every day and I have experienced many forms of energy. But you will never give me the respect I think I deserve and I may also never give you the respect you think you reserve.

Someone can devalue your experiences simply because they haven’t spent much time in your universe.


That’s actually impressive. I have great respect for people who can compose music. I am intrigued by frequencies and what they can achieve and how they are transported to our ears. To then, compose a piece that can turn people from stressed to happy is nothing but genius. I tried Graphic Design for a few years and could not do as good as I’d like. I was at the time still suffering from depression though. I think I could have had a much better academic CV if I had been given the opportunity growing up in a working class estate in West Midlands, UK. I have ability, and the will to be creative and got my only worthy qualification in Art at High School. But, life events take you down a different path unless you have an across the board education system being open to all classes of society. The UK had the Grammar school for working class, but you still had pass an exam to enter. The problem I see is working class society is ‘distracted’ by so many financial problems that it prioritises their energies. To succeed in life from a working class background means you have to literally take the road of ‘all work and no play’. Working class are not stupid, and understand play is important, and so they suspend education in favour for play. Some see that as lazy, it isn’t it’s primal.


I agree, we are time poor and land poor by design. I used to earn $100K per year a few years ago, then I quit my full-time job and became self-employed and now I earn about $10K per year lol. It doesn’t bother me though because I am 10x happier than I was before, so it seems the less I earn the happier I get right? It’s actually the time poor thing, working full-time makes you time-poor, when you could die tomorrow why would you waste all your time like that? So ditch the ball-busting wife, visit your undisciplined unfocused kids once a month, and wait for them to grow the fuck up. Quit your full-time job. And start using your brain and learning new skills every day. Once you start doing that there’s no turning back.

University is a joke, i have two degrees worth as much as toilet paper. High-school is also a joke, my family was poor but I went to a private school on a pity scholarship - trust me you didn’t miss anything. Every skill I mentioned I self-taught myself. Taught myself how to code computers. Taught myself how to do 3D graphics. Taught myself how to compose music by trial and error, made about 140-songs to date. I didn’t teach myself meditation though, I had a martial arts master for 7-years, and that discipline has helped me be disciplined in all these other areas, so I thank him greatly for that.

Having time is more important than money, but you must use that time wisely otherwise your depression may return. If anything make small changes in your life, abrupt changes can lead to problems unless you have full conviction and you are sure that you want that change. I also don’t recommend rushing into meditation, start with 20-30-mins per day, if you start 4-hours per day it may lead to kundalini madness or the dark night of the soul. So slow and steady wins the race.


Going back to the orignal question asked. What is the first Human Right? In my opinion and for me, it would be that I have the right to the ability and freedom to grow mentally, physically and consciously to the best of my ability. Only when that need is met can I then stand a better chance of contributing as a whole to the whole.


Yeah this is a great point. The question should not have been what is the first human right, but rather “which human right matters the most”? Having a human right which is conditional on other factors being achieved like what you just said is far more useful.


Yes that is true, but without land, you are in constant slavery to someone else via rent or mortgage, and that steals most of your time away. Considering food and everything else is reasonably cheap, we spend most of our week working for nothing, and without time we can’t do those higher things.


It’s the right to life. The first right of life is life itself. You’re thinking too much.


That’s really thoughtful and an interesting idea. I wish I did exist. But you know about human being. Everyone is greedy here. But I truly understand your feelings and emotions.