A good strategy,

What we have today is a power structure that rewards attention whores, special snowflakes; the people in power are those who crave attention and not much else.

We need leaders like George Washington, not Barack Obama. Washington was largely responsible for winning a war against tyranny and then all he wanted to do was spend time at home, but he had earned his leadership position and the people wanted him, so he answered the call to action. We need natural leaders, people who genuinely crave constructivism, not greedy people who just seek attention and want money and power. The leaders we have today are the opposite of the kind of leaders we need. They are the opposite of natural leaders.

The slave masters have no respect for the little people. The way to earn respect is to beat them at their own game, ie Maximus in the movie “Gladiator.”

20% of people are rational and only 1 in 20 people are dominant, the rest are submissive. It’s time for the submissives to toughen up.

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