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Main hub for organising and implementing Meritocratic Democracy in Ireland.

My name is Gary O’Keeffe I am a 38 year old musician. I have never really made anything from this passion and came across Meritocracy on the amaragedon conspiracy website over a year ago. I must say I am delighted to see what is a very logical and practical over all idea take shape so quickly.
I live in Dublin Ireland and have a secondary school education. I was accepted to collages but refused to go. I never conformed to the standard of life as I have always believed we as a race where capable of so much more. I was born in Dublin in 1975.
I am a musician, but in an industry where image and professionalism is key singing songs about the builderberg group and refusing to midi cables or technology in any substantial way secured a life of mainly stuggle. I spend most of my free time learning ways to make my band look and sound better. I’ve learned to record , produce and master both music and video and recently have branched out more from music in to multi media production. As my music has been my life I have never been involved in any political activism other than trying to inform the masses about the obvious signs of their slavery to capitalism.
I am hoping the Meritocracy will be the catalyst that changes the world and I will be devoting everything I can to help it evolve its principles and make a real change.
The bad news is that I live in a very isolated cottage with no internet access and am struggling on the social welfare. I have no transport and can’t get online unless in some friends. This is the result of a life of sticking by your guns. I am here because I am an artist and I want to do anything I can to be part of changing the world, I will be back as soon as I can an hope to see more Irish people getting involved so we can organise, end capitalism and change the world.

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Great to hear from you Gary! Your background is exactly like mine, except I’m in Scotland. I’m involved in setting up a Scottish Meritocracy Party at the moment, we’re just waiting on approval. It would be brilliant to see an Irish Meritocracy Movement/Party happen and I’m totally with you if you ever need any help. The movement is international, so we’re all here to help each other.