Any advice for promotion on social networking?

Hey folks

Just asking this question as I believe my recent attempts to raise awareness of Meritocracy have failed. Many people are overly skeptical, ignorant and negative when presented with the solutions and information. How do you promote the truth to a market which has been soured by negativity and lies? Lots of people seem to be pro-Labour/Green Party and trapped in the usual conspiracy theories while I can only assume that any likes that my posts got were out of click-habit rather than genuine researching. Working under the guise of a couple of different names may not have helped either and I now cannot access my profile unless I provide proof of ID! Something I am not willing to do for a “social” networking site.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can best raise awareness and encourage people to conduct more in-depth research as opposed to believing “the usual”? Any input will be extremely helpful, or the (more productive, surely!) alternative will be to cook up some new ideas for the campaign.

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Do you have samples of the posts you’ve been making on social media? It’ll be easier to give feedback that way.

Unfortunately I don’t, but it’s mainly been to try and raise awareness of this, the Meritocracy Party and AC websites. At times I have let my emotions get in the way a little and said in one group that the material I was posting would be infinitely more helpful than anything that anyone else put into the group! I was then removed not long after! I learned from this experience and then tried to stick to just posting the information with a couple of hook lines to try and get people interested, answering any questions that I could and referring people to the FAQ page when I couldn’t. It’s been a learning process for me on how to deal with people and how to present information, but now I’m at a junction as to whether I should continue trying to raise awareness or focus solely on trying to help the campaign as best I can.

It depends on what you want to raise awareness on specifically. For example:

  • The global oligarchy
  • TTIP
  • How money works
  • Solutions: Inheritance Tax; Maximum Wage; Equal Opportunities…

(Just to name a few things)

Are you aiming at a general public or at a UK public?

UK public. It has mainly been the global oligarchy and the solutions but I guess my main approach in summary has been “read this, it’s worked for me, it might work for you too”. Wow, saying this for the first time and seeing it on screen makes me realise that’s not very practical at all!

I would love to be able to make more people aware of Meritocracy. I guess my ego’s still involved a little. Do you have any advice for me please, Roberto? It would be greatly appreciated.

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ask questions which force answers in line with the movement. no one can dispute their own beliefs.

Be persistent. Invite some people you KNOW are meritocrarts. They can act as protagonists to what you post, fueling the fire. People have a pact mentality. The pope is even pro-homosexual now that society is. (that did not dictate my opinion one way or another.) I’m just saying if religion can change to accommodate the mob, this will hold true anywhere.

Be definite. When you want to say “Meritocracy could be the future with your help.” instead say “Meritocracy will take hold by 20xxx, don’t be left behind.”

Just my two cents, hope it helps.

Thanks for the input! I’ll go again and hopefully will fare better this time. Thanks again!

In my opinion the key is to focus on the VISION; the PROBLEM that stands in the way of achieving that vision: the Global Oligarchy and the SOLUTIONS we present.

Essentially, these three elements combined need to be strong enough to push forward with our goals. They need to be worked on however, which is what we’re doing. The UKMP website is being structured along these lines, as is but both need to be developed further.

Once we’ve crafted a powerful vision then it becomes a question of translating that vision into messages that fit into our different social contexts. I don’t know the same people that you know and vice-versa. Each of us has different acquaintances, friends, family, colleagues … you wouldn’t present the vision in the same way to a group of sci-fi nerds as you would to a group of business people or to your local communist party, to give several extreme examples.