"Australia - Open for Business"

So I saw this ad issued by the government last night on TV:

And it makes such a persuasive sell that opening up markets - i.e. deregulating them - is a good thing for Australia. Most people who are unaware of how economics and politics really work (and let’s face it, that covers the overwhelming majority of Australians) would view this ad and be swayed by its arguments.

What is the meritocratic refutation for this? How can we demonstrate, in a similar format of a simple 30 second video easily understood by all, that deregulating markets is a horrible idea?

I understand what you are saying. A simple 30 second clip from a meritocratic point of view could be along the lines of a fat cat corporate shareholder sitting on a beach in the caymans, while he checks out his sweat shop in Australia via facetime, and then looks at the camera and says, “Thank the deregulation of markets, it doesn’t matter that I don’t give fair wages and working conditions. I can run my business off shore and keep my money here too”.
For this to then link to Meritocracy as a legitimate party though, it will need a manifesto, headquarters and several branches set up first I think, at least on the surface so media and nosey regulators can take a closer look.

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