BBC Radio 4 Documentary on Meritocracy


Hi there,

I’m a BBC Radio 4 producer making a documentary on meritocracy that will go out in a few weeks time. It’s looking at Michael Young’s book and the many differing ways that meritocracy has been used and abused by British politicians.

I’m hoping to speak with some representatives from the UK Meritocracy Party. Ideally based in London.

I’m at [email protected] or leave a message here.




How would you be looking to conduct this, just out of interest? Phone interview, face to face, email?


Hi Joel,

Probably in person.

Ideally I would like to come to an event put on by the UK Meritocracy Party. Otherwise if there were any video or audio content you guys have put out I’d love to take a look.




Thanks Sean,

I hope that there’s someone who could meet with you in person. As much as I’d like to I know it would be impossible for me.

There is a thread with some video content produced by people on here, or people who have similar ideas when it comes to Meritocracy, might be worth a look - Videos


I’m not a member of the UKMP I would like to be though but I would gladly discuss my thoughts on meritocracy