Can we do it?

There’s so many factors involved that I have no idea if we can win at least 1 of the 650 parliamentary seats in a couple of months time. What’s for sure though is that this is the best time to build up the Party, raise awareness and set the groundwork for the future.

Looking at this: you might think it’s impossible, but swings do happen and underdogs do win.

How can we give it our best shot?

It’s all going to boil down to the people who raise their hand to get involved and the ones who just jump in to move things forward. If you’ve been on the fence about participating or think that you have nothing to contribute, then trust me, there is plenty that you can do!

From writing, to creating flyers, posters, videos, to promoting UKMP on social media, in person, canvassing, calling, researching information, etc … even having 5 people totally committed in their spare time to making this succeed would be a huge step forward, because from there it can grow exponentially if we’re smart and do it right.

So if you’re reading and want to do something to change the politics in the UK then start contributing! Remember - you decide your level of involvement, there’s no closed doors. Practically everything we have is online, ready for you to work on and advance.

While we’re at it, take a look at:

From there you can find out how many votes would have been needed to win in a constituency during 2010. We’re talking about thousands of votes here in 1 place, not millions. We just need a few more thousand than the rest of parties in 1 constituency to reach our goal for this election.

Without forgetting that local elections will be held on the same day:,_2015

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This is absolutely crazy! I love it! I’m totally in, however, would someone from NI be allowed to run for seats in NI without having an NI party per se? If its only in England then its an impossibility.

The seats required for North Antrim are 72,814 as of 2010. This is an extremely conservative, right wing protestant constituency. Coming from a Catholic background and a Catholic town will definitely harm my chances right from the off even though I’m anti-religion to the core.

Indeed, the current MLA for this area is the son of Ian Paisley, one of the masterminds of the Troubles in NI, his Nationalist counterpart being Gerry Adams.

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How would people know you’re a Catholic if you don’t go about advertising it?

Very simple. There are certain towns which have a reputation for being predominantly catholic or protestant. In many cases this is manifestly untrue but the prejudice is there. For example. I live in Ballycastle a very mixed community but neighbouring towns think it is catholic and they often black the name of the town out on road signs and such. Simply being from Ballycastle will effect the perception people have of me in this culture.

It’s a question of spreading the message and finding other people who are on board and want to help out. If you can find at least 1 other person where you live, then you’ve doubled the capacity of what you guys are able to do. It might not seem much but every +1 we add is a lot at this early stage.

Also tailoring it to each area and group as appropriate.

Hmm, that sounds problematic, Niall. Maybe you should consider running in a less Unionist constituency?