Controversy to grab attention


Using controversy is a great way to get attention.

This is what I recommend for the website’s blog:

Talk about Lee Rigby, the war in the middle east, expose the gold and ask the public “Who is profitting from the war? and who is in debt?”

Talk about sensitive issues that people would get wound up over, but keep it factual, blogs about lee rigby being a fake is sensitive but true, talk about new terrorist attacks once they hit headlines on the news, people will be searching, if you can find fallacies in the official story point them out with your blog, expose war crimes when you can, do what the powers that be don’t want you to do.


All of these topics are covered in alternative media which a lot of the public see as ‘tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists’, surely not an image you’d want Meritocrats to project. I agree they are very worthwhile subjects but not necessarily topics that Joe Public wants to deal with. Our role here is to show a different system of politics that would by it’s nature prevent these things from ever happening again.

PS, if TPTB didn’t want these things exposed- they wouldn’t be. It’s a distraction tactic for those who are becoming aware. Alt media and those who follow it do a lot of talking but not much else, what TPTB don’t want is ACTION rather than awareness