Developing the website

  1. Decide on the design and party identity marks
    Party name
    Party colours
    Party emblem
    Party descriptions (for example: Equal Opportunity for Every Child)
  2. Choose a Wordpress theme
  3. Draft basic pages, for example:
    Who are we?
    What do we want?
    How will we achieve what we want?
    Get Involved!

Once the party identity marks have been decided upon and they’re out there, it’s very hard to go back, so this should be carefully considered. For example, should the international Meritocracy design be used (yellow, white and black, with the compass rose)? Or should another similar design be used? It’s important to keep in mind global branding but also to adapt to what will work best for Florida Meritocracy efforts.

Finding a free theme for Wordpress that is decent and not lite is hard. Investing money in a proper theme is normally worth it. These can run from $30 to $80 or so. I would go for a free theme to start out, especially until we can experiment with Tendenci (I’m still working on fixing the server error).

We are currently working on the party platform so that will help to answer some of the basic questions.

  1. For party name I am thinking Florida Meritocratic Party.

  2. For party Colors… Hmm i have not given this considerable thought however green is symbolic of nature and in meritocracy we seek to promote nature and harmony with our earth, Violet is an excellent color as well because it is the highest frequency color on the electromagnetic spectrum therefore it can symbolize fully actualizing one’s potential and in Meritocracy our ultimate goal is to help every individual to fully actualize their potential. for the last color I was thinking white because it contains all the colors of the visible electromagnetic spectrum symbolizing that Meritocracy is for every individual regardless of what circumstances they were born into.

  3. Party emblem - A Phoenix and it can be the party’s colors (whichever colors we decide) Flames can consist of many colors so why should we limit ourselves to flames being red, orange and yellow?

  4. Party descriptions - I like equal opportunity for every child because it is short and describes Meritocracy, I think that would be perfectly fine.

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Good news, one of the developers helped me troubleshoot and we managed to get Tendenci working - finally! For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, visit their main page:

It’s a bit rough in some areas, for example on the CMS side, but overall well-rounded for managing an organisation/association/party. The great thing is that it’s open source, which means we can customise everything.

I’ll post the link once we have the server attached to a domain name. - Tendenci website - News website

Both are still with their visual defaults and need a lot of customisation. The Tendenci site needs the most work, so if someone has ideas on the layout, please comment. What we definitely need are people with CSS skills to join the team, in case anyone knows of meritocrats that can help out there.