Discrimination - The enemy of the Meritocrat

In my life I have suffered discrimination at various levels because of my social background. I was wondering what forms of discrimination people have suffered and the main forms which they think dominate society. The one I relate to most of all is simply having a poor home environment. The Family Value model (endorsed so widely in UK politics academically called the Nuclear Family in social science) is a great model if you have good parents. I quote what some famous people said:

  1. Dame Thatcher (former PM) - “My greatest asset was my parents.” (She was interviewed shortly after being elected as Conservative Party leader.
  2. Jerry Springer (Born in London - net worth 45 million dollars) - I always had one thing going for me: my parents.

There are countless more examples of famous people having strong help from their parents. This creates a fundamental unfairness. Today 25% of children in the UK live in poverty. Does the Nuclear Family model work for them?

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Meritocracy MUST uphold positive and negative forms of discrimination (socially conscious, meritocratic discrimination);-

  • Meritocratic discrimination refers to discrimination based on things that would help you for this reason in a meritocratic lens, i.e. (in)equality of opportunity. We can discriminate against cheaters, unjust hiring principles (race based adjustments), and unmeritocratic, unjust processes and everyday human conduct through looking at how to improve it, WITHOUT fear of being called a racist or becoming victim to other concern trolling tactics.

  • Unmeritocratic discrimination refers to exactly the discrimination we want to eliminate: wealth- or label- based rejection of meritocrats from positions of social influence (unmeritocratic elitism). We must do this WITHOUT supporting the current corrupt overall framework i.e. some other scapegoat than the unmeritocratic values, like anti-women or anti-nonwhite viewpoints (which then leave the impression the rest of the system is good enough).

All positive discrimination then falls into our hands as something useful for moving towards a meritocratic nation.

Discrimination as a form of being harassed is not a serious and primary concern, i.e. concern trolling expecting a new political system to also police the streets and Internet. This is unreasonable.