Filling the positions

There are at least 3 positions that must be filled for both the UK and NI in order to start political parties in these two places. These are:

Party Leader

The party leader does not have any direct responsibilities under PPERA. They lead the party. However, if the party does not have a treasurer at any time, the leader becomes responsible for making sure the party complies with PPERA.

Party Treasurer

The party treasurer is legally responsible for making sure their party complies with PPERA and looks after the party’s finances.The party treasurer is also the person who the EC will usually be in contact with about the party.

Nominating Officer

The nominating officer does not have any direct responsibilities under PPERA but they do have responsibilities under the Representation of the People Act 1983. A nominating officer is responsible for authorising candidates to stand on behalf of the party.

Additionally there can be a Campaigns Officer, who carries out the treasurer’s responsibilities for party spending at elections and referendums.

In our case, we also have another big role, which is that of Party Chairman. If we use the constitution we have, then this person would have the following responsibilities:

8.4 The Party Chairman shall have overall responsibility for administration and direction of
the Party organisation. He shall be responsible for ensuring that all efforts are made to
have an active and properly constituted organisation of the Party in every constituency,
financially able to support a parliamentary election campaign.

8.5 The Party Chairman may make such administrative appointments as he sees fit and
may recommend to the NEC the creation of paid administrative posts. The Party Chairman
shall, from time to time, report to the NEC on Party, branch and constituency activity or
ensure that a report is made by an appointed Party officer, as appropriate, on such activity.

Each party must have at least 2 officers. 1 person can fill all 3 roles, but there needs to always be at least 2 people starting the party.

Post below if you think you could fill one of these positions, and do your best to tell us why.

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Hi there, apologies for the delay but life has been hectic recently. But fear not, I have kept my word. The following is my feeble attempt at convincing you to put me in a position of authority. :wink:

Well firstly I have noticed that no other people have replied so I do not want to apply for any position in general, I will outline my skills and experience and whatever position is deemed appropriate, for the moment, I will gladly take on the responsibility. So read on and experience the wealth of banality and boredom which is my collective life experience.

BA: University of Ulster, Journalism and Photo Imaging

A level (2011): Biology C Geography B and I.C.T B

GCSE (2009): Mathematics C, Science (Double Award) BB, Spanish B, English A*, English Literature A*, Geography A, Drama A*, I.C.T A* and Religious Studies A*.

Work/Work Experience/Hobbies

Tutoring In Schools Programme 2013-present.
I am interning this academic semester with a local High School under an initiative of technology integration for Key Stage 3. The position involves teaching both students and teachers the ins and outs of certain key software packages for creative use. This includes, Photoshop,Audition, GIMP and others. The position involves both computer work and face to face teaching time.

Experimental Home Media 2013-present
Chairman, Journalist and podcast host 2013-present.
Experimental Home Media is a web based media platform for music, news and opinions. It is the sold broadcasting organization in the North of Antrim. The venture currently is non-profit however we are seeing participation and growth at an alarming rate. Currently I act as Chairperson of the committee as well as the network’s resident Journalist. I host a show on the network and I write for its sister online text publication.

Ballymoney and Moyle Times-2012-2013
Prior to starting my degree, I interned with a local newspaper as a Journalist. During this time I learnt how to source, plan and create news stories as well as using page manipulation software to create high quality news pages.
I am trained in all manner of news techniques, however my preferred area is feature writing, where I can explore a topic in depth.


Ballycastle Community Rescue Service 2014-present
I volunteer for this organization. Its purpose is to carry out rescue missions above the high water mark and below two thousand feet. I am currently training for my SARTEC (Search and rescue technician) qualification. The position requires technical and leadership skills as well as calm under pressure and initiative.

Ballycastle Writers Club 2013-present
I am currently a member of a writer’s club. Club activities include writing and critically evaluating literary pieces from all genres. I often write poetry or flash fiction with occasional long fiction or script.

My Student Style 2013-present
My Student Style is an online web magazine were young people can contribute journalistic, creative or photographic articles and have them published online. Currently I write for the creative, literary and gaming sections.

Students Union Campus Officer-2013-present
I volunteer with the University’s Student’s Union in a legislative role. I and one other colleague carry out initiatives for a sabbatical officer in order to improve the student experience. My role is ultimately to suggest and campaign for change in the University and there are other officers tasked with carrying out those initiatives. This position requires attendance at University board meetings, student PR projects and student engagement initiatives.

Class Representation
I volunteer as the class representative for Photo Imaging. In this role I represent the interests of the students of Photo Imaging and I present relevant issues to the Faculty board at scheduled meetings. The responsibility includes taking an extra module concerning leadership, democracy and representation.

Hope it wasn’t so boring y’all! Have a great day now, and someone else please apply, its no fun if there is no competition!!!


Thanks for posting! I have a few questions if that’s all right.

  • What’s your MBTI?
  • When working with a random group of people, what role do you normally end up fulfilling?
  • What do you hate most about working on projects with others?
  • How much spare time would you be able to dedicate to the Party each week?

Hi there. Yeah I do not mind being put in the hot seat for a while.


A2:In a group of people, I would not exactly say that I am the obvious leader. However, I am frequently the go to guy when it comes to any decisions which are being made. I have regularly been placed as the ‘rational one’ in a group who often functions in pinning down whatever we are discussing to reality. When it comes to the group dynamic itself, I guess you could say i am not the first person to talk, but it is not long before I am asked a question or my advice is required. I am not sure what you would call that but that is what happens!

A3: What do I most hate about it? That is a strong description but I guess it would have to be strong personalities. When I am in a group, quite often the person with the most domineering personality will command most of the attention regardless of whether or not that person is talking sense. I know this from running my own podcast. The secretary on the committee has such a powerful force of will, that it can be aggravating to assert my authority as chairman over her desires. It is certainly a pain in the backside, however, with patience and negotiation you can quite often circumnavigate their will. If you let them say their piece and then present them with questions that challenge their personal opinions, you can quite often negotiate with them rather well without getting into conflict.

A4: I could give at least three hours if not more everyday. I get quite a lot of free time because UNiversity lessons do not last long and the holidays last even longer.


Thanks. What position do you think you would best be able to fill and more importantly, want to fill? If you had to choose or list them according to your order of preference?

I know you said you wanted to make a general application, but everyone has preferences and it’s helpful for others who are going to post afterwards. We need an honest and straightforward answer, so don’t worry about having to appear humble or anything like that in case that has been stopping you from selecting something concrete. :wink:

Okay, I’ll state a preference.for Party Leader because of my leadership experience, and it does not require constant financial stuff which I find the very edge of boredom. So yes, Party Leader please and thanks!


Yeah so what is the deal here? Is this Meritocracy Now or Meritocracy Eventually? I’ll be home in two weeks and I would love to hit the ground running!

I don’t know about the various other sections on here and what they are up to but I like to do things and not sit around and talk so lets go! I am very eager, so can we have more applications and lets do this thing or it ain’t nothing but a complex fantasy for drop in activists!


I would suggest that the first order of business is to take stock of what we have got: how many members? what are our assets?
Then we need to hold a meeting to decide on the constitution an appoint the officers.

As I said elsewhere here today, there is no reason that we cannot hold the meeting here on this discussion forum, but to be proper, I think you need to formally announce that it is to be held and publicise when.

I would formally propose that we do just that, but AFAIK I am not actually a party member yet…

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There are meritocrats in the UK/NI and near to London but only Nial has stepped forth so far to officially create the UK/NI Meritocracy Party.

@Hairyloon Are you in the UK too?

That I am.

Are you interested in filling one of the party roles? How do you ideally want to get involved with the UKMP?

[quote=“Roberto, post:11, topic:93”]
Are you interested in filling one of the party roles? How do you ideally want to get involved with the UKMP?[/quote]

I think at this point, I do not want to get involved.
I agree with the general thrust of meritocracy, so I support the campaign, but we have differences which appear irreconcilable so it would not be appropriate for me to become an active member.

Fair enough, thank you for the straightforward answer :).

Please consider me for one of the roles. I am only to happy to help. I’m INTP.

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After exchanging emails with the Electoral Commission I’ve found out that you don’t need to live in the UK or even be a UK citizen to become a party officer. Additionally, no physical signatures are required when using their online system.

This means that anyone can, within reason, help create the party by filling one of the officer positions. Although it’s of course preferable from a practical viewpoint that you’re familiar with British culture in general, were born there and/or have lived there for a long time. But it’s not a legal requirement.

With that in mind I’m going to put my name forth for Party Chairman and/or Party Treasurer. I’ve filled a similar position with the Meritocracy International in both cases (structuring it and handling finances). I also have basic accounting knowledge that can prove useful for the treasurer position. If necessary, I’m able to fly to the UK too as I live pretty nearby (in Spain, which is less than 2 hours flying).

I think I’d be able to perform the required duties remotely, working through the forum, online chat and Skype.

Here’s the current list of people who have put their name forth to get involved:

###UK Meritocracy Party

  • Party Leader: Nial
  • Party Treasurer: Roberto
  • Nominating Officer:
  • Party Chairman: Roberto
  • Any: John L Napier Elston

###NI Meritocracy Party

  • Party Leader: Nial
  • Party Treasurer: Roberto
  • Nominating Officer:
  • Party Chairman: Roberto
  • Any: John L Napier Elston

Personally, I’d rather put my name forth just for the UKMP but if we need +1 for NIMP to get it started, I’m up for that too as the work involved initially in both parties will be similar.

Please don’t hesitate to put your name forth for one of these roles if it interests you and if you think that you can do a good job (remember that the ones that must be filled are leader, treasurer and nominating officer for both parties).


Which role do you think you would best be suited for?

Okay well that is progress anyway! If you come over here, at least I can finally practice my rusty Spanish language skills.

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Is your friend still interested in starting up the NI Meritocracy Party? I forgot to put him on the list.

Yeah he is up for it. He lives half the year in the mainland UK and half in NI. He would be well disposed for either position. His name is Orrin Burns. If you need to contact him I’ll toss you his details.

Ah, thanks. Found a post of his where he said he wanted to be the nominating officer.

###UK Meritocracy Party

  • Party Leader: Nial
  • Party Treasurer: Roberto
  • Nominating Officer: Orrin Burns
  • Party Chairman: Roberto
  • Any: John L Napier Elston

###NI Meritocracy Party

  • Party Leader: Nial
  • Party Treasurer: Roberto
  • Nominating Officer: Orrin Burns
  • Party Chairman: Roberto
  • Any: John L Napier Elston