Fundraising has been a solid feature of political campaigning for decades now and in the modern day some groups are raising large amounts of money via websites.

Does anyone want to help produce a strategy for fundraising for the MP? That would include merchandising, seeking donors, and campaigning on specific issues.

Sure i’ll just trade in this old Spear of Destiny I got lying around here, hopefully the pawn shop will give me a pretty penny for it.

Have you considered

Kickerstarter (part of the Crowdfunding market) is worth considering. They have a criteria which has to be met, and I am unsure if political fundraising meets it or not. Are there any people here who want to setup a committee to consider the question of crowdfunding?

I did just google crowdfunding and politics and a lot of links came back. There are actually companies which specialise in software for political fundraising. I think the way forward is to setup a committee within the Party whose role it is to fundraise. I think at least 4 people would be needed, and someone should be an expert in social media.

Currently we have two membership options on the website:

People can also donate other amounts as they wish.

We do have the UKMP LTD with the goal of opening up an online shop for merchandising as Trevor suggests. There are preliminary pending tasks though, such as opening up a UK bank account (this one is proving to be a headache - at least for me personally due to being a non-UK resident - currently looking into doing this with someone who is living in the UK and appointing them as co-director).

Long-term I would like to see us start meritocratic businesses that contribute their profits toward achieving Equal Opportunity for Every Child. I think this is the main way in which we can become financially self-reliant. It’s of course easier said than done.

Other suggestions are welcome.

Bank accounts - try Santander (savings account for Businesses and also cashplus for current accounts).

I just remembered is only for the Arts and Technologies. But other ones like Indiegogo have wider categories.

The problem with fundraising is if we raise a small amount of money it tends to do the task, but if we raise a large amount of money it tends to attract corruption and executives who siphon the money back into their own pockets by ‘cooking the books’.