Greetings fellow residents of the UK and London in particular

I am based in London (North). Who passes by the place?

Hiya and welcome! I have few questions to warm things up if you don’t mind …

  • Why do you support Meritocratic Democracy?
  • What skills or personal traits of yours would you highlight?
  • What practical contribution can you start making immediately?

Hi , I am in Lincolnshire (South). I am so fed up with the way our country is managed I am ready to make a stand. I have begun to educate my friends and seek out allies in my area. I would like to form a group of like minded people who can meet up and spread the word with me.
My skills/traits, I am an artist and outgoing not scared to be noticed.

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Seems not to be Private messaging here. Are you on Skype?

If you click on someone’s name, you’ll see the option to send them a Private Message.

no sorry, no web cam or speaker

Hi everyone. I am in London. I am not so instinctual as to operate without thinking. Which is why, in the end, I think that Meritocracy appeals to me.

I am particularly interested in working with Psychological type. And even in the creative application of social and psychological theories to community endeavors.

I believe that life draws its meaning from context, and so, I am looking for that suitable context. Above all, I seek like-mindedness, or spiritual kinship. As this is currently one of my deepest yet least fulfilled needs, and has been, I think, for quite some time, perhaps from my very birth; but who knows. :smile:

I live in the UK and I’m fed up how this country runs and I’m willing to volunteer. Since I was young I wanted to help the world and the people, please reply if possible.

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How would you ideally want to contribute, and what skills or personal traits do you bring to the table?

Oh great. Another Meritocrat in London. Would you like to meet up some time? Message me if you’d like on 07913244448

I don’t live in London I live in warwickshire in lemington spa but I’m going to london next monday on the 16 of june so we can meet. I don’t have many skills in businesses and things like that but I totally agree in the Meritocracy movement and I’m willing to help in any way possible. Sorry I didn’t reply soon I had some complications.