How many registered parties are there?


I just found out that I don’t know the countries in which there is an official registered meritocratic party which can place candidates in elections. Maybe some countries have more than one? Maybe all the parties are still working towards becoming official?

So, all the official parties please comment so we will get an international picture of registered parties here!


As far as I know there is at the moment - UK [England & Wales], Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Mali. All of them are already registered, or if not at least submitting registration. There is another host of parties on social media, but many aren’t yet registered.


That’s great news. Sometimes I think that I should relocate to some English speaking country. All of those on the list support my fantasies :smiley: Mali isn’t officially English, tough. (And I’ll spend at least three more years here in Finland studying.)


Meritocratic Party in Norway is expected to be fully registered by the end of 2017/beginning of 2018.

Meritokratene Norge.