I believe in Equal Opportunity for Every Child


Take a picture and post it. Be more creative than I am! I plan on taking a better one but this was just to get the ball rolling. For example, take a picture of yourself holding a similar sign! Depending on the pics we get we can put them into a gallery slider for the new MN! site.

The idea is to show that there are real people behind these ideas.

If you can’t yet upload to the forum, use a service such as imgur.


Ferran from Catalonia


I am an individual who certainly believes in creating an equal chance for everyone to succeed in life. Today’s society gives you a vivid generalization of what the opposite of equal opportunity is like. Everyone should and need a level playing field for more than one reason. In my opinion, the ability to learn from each other is the true way for us to advance as a society. Also, we should be properly compensated for the amount of participation we put into our society/body of work. Giving every child an even chance to become a great person as an adult & contribute to society in a positive fashion is what we Meritocrats would like to see. This is why I support this cause… :smiley:


Great pic, thanks Jay!


You have my support. Also excuse the poor quality. :smile:


Awesome, thanks Solon!


Thought I would try something a bit different. If you don’t think it’s suitable I can do a more standard one instead.


That’s actually really cool! Nice one.


Jamaal from New Jersey


Every child should be given a fair chance to succeed in society. The wealth or poverty that an individual is born into shouldn’t be the key factor in determining what they’re capable of. Some geniuses are born poor, and some idiots are born rich. I want every child to have opportunity, not just the rich ones, that’s why I support this cause.


We support Equal Opportunity for Every Child


image (3).jpg

I attended an education summit in our state. They invited us to answer Why do you teach? I left our mark. The paper took up a huge portion of the wall in the conference center hallway. Here’s a wider view, which doesn’t even capture the lefthand portion.

There are two other answers I left there, as well. Because why not.


On a bike route posting up these signs anywhere and everywhere from my weekends.


Dante from Mexico


Eric from Canada



Thanks for the recent entries everyone!

Phoenix has inspired me to change the title of the topic from “I support Equal Opportunity for Every Child” to “I believe in Equal Opportunity for Every Child”. I think this is much more powerful. What do you guys think?


Awesome, thanks everyone!! :smile:

We could also say: I Believe in Every Child via Equal Opportunity.

I also liked what Dante did, IT = EOFEC or we can also use Millionaire’s Estate/Death Tax = An Equal Opportunity for Every Child.

Just another thought though.


Gabe from New York


Both versions should circulate as much as possible. Some viewers will throw up in their mouth at the phrase “I believe”, and respond well to “I support”; while others will have to hold their heart back from being tugged right up into their throat at “I believe”, when the “I support” will flatline right past them.