I was wrong,


I was wrong about Trump being assassinated. I think I just really wanted it to happen. I read too deep and I deluded myself.

What I have come to determine is that Trumps apathy and inadequacy as a leader will lead to a violent, chaotic scenario in America. We are in a stage in America right now similar to France before the French Revolution. Trump is similar to Louis XVI in that sense.

I grew too confident and made some posts on this website that were desperate, and might have seemed crazy. But I was only trying to help, and I have come to determine how I can help.

If you would like to know how I am helping The Movement succeed, find my SoundCloud page at soundcloud.com/mass-a-peel.

Short answer:

The authorities have manufactured a plague that will destroy America. This year. In 2018.

God knows why, but I was entrusted with this secret.

If you’re in America, buy guns. Right now.

And good luck.