I was wrong,

I was wrong about Trump being assassinated. I think I just really wanted it to happen. I read too deep and I deluded myself.

What I have come to determine is that Trumps apathy and inadequacy as a leader will lead to a violent, chaotic scenario in America. We are in a stage in America right now similar to France before the French Revolution. Trump is similar to Louis XVI in that sense.

I grew too confident and made some posts on this website that were desperate, and might have seemed crazy. But I was only trying to help, and I have come to determine how I can help.

If you would like to know how I am helping The Movement succeed, find my SoundCloud page at soundcloud.com/mass-a-peel.

Short answer:

The authorities have manufactured a plague that will destroy America. This year. In 2018.

God knows why, but I was entrusted with this secret.

If you’re in America, buy guns. Right now.

And good luck.

We don’t have to worry about Tramp getting assassinated. If Obama made it through in one piece, so will Tramp. He will be gone soon enough in 2 to 6 years without anyone having to entertain thoughts of someone getting murdered. He cannot get elected a 3rd time, so just wait it out. There will be other elections. However, some of his supporters are so irrational, angry and unreasonable. They’re worse than he is! They’re lynch mobs waiting to happen. Having a gun is to protect myself from some of these right wing nut jobs if one tries to kill me for being a Bernie supporter. I’ve seen some forums where they say things like “liberals just wait you’ll be getting the rope soon”. Then they try to say liberals are the evil ones! Trump is not the problem. He’s a fruit of the problem, not the root of the problem. If we didn’t have so many people in the USA who are so emotional and unreasonable, he’d never would have made the primaries.