Inheritance Tax Experiment

Just to let you know we’ll be rolling out 100% Inheritance Tax at a new threshold of £10million for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.

Having thought long & hard about this, raising the threshold will target the 1% power elite much better & self-made millionaire’s might breathe a sigh of relief.

The threshold isn’t fixed of course, we’ll see how it goes down with the voting public & it can always be brought down again later, once ppl get used to the idea. I’ll feel much more confident stating this in an election manifesto at this stage, as I think £1million will be laughed right out of court at present.

I can keep anyone interested updated, or just follow our FB page…

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Great work! It seems to me, too, that 100% inheritance tax at about one million euros is too much for starters. Voting system change could get surprisingly much support. I’ve only discussed it with two persons. Other said it’s interesting and the other that it’s the only way. Two persons is not very many, tough :smile:

I’ll be ready to start a blog probably near the end of this year so then I’ll hopefully get a lot more feedback.

All the best to you there in Scotland!

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Cheers Klockars! Plz post a link to your blog when it’s ready :wink:

It’ll be in FInnish but I’ll put a link here anyway.

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If i had an inherited 10-million pounds I’d be a billionaire in less than a decade. But I guess we gotta start somewhere, at least to plant the idea in peoples minds.

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A point borrowed from another discussion is that the society should change (quite radically) and thus 100% IT would become natural. Now people don’t feel giving (at) all to the community but if it would be different - one that everybody feels like belonging to - then who wouldn’t hand over everything to the community of friends and equals, “us”?


Have you asked people since then whether they would support a £1 million inheritance threshold? I think having the direct feedback is necessary to gauge how people react to each threshold level. E.g. you could do an experiment where you test it with 100% inheritance tax, 1 million, 10 million and 1 billion (with different people of course). We could do the same in other places and it’d be valuable information on people’s opinions, helping us to shape our arguments and marketing strategies.

What do you think?

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With the current prices my vote is for $10-million, simply because in some suburbs you can barely get a house for $1-million, and shelter is a human need.

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Good news. I wish my fellow meritocrats in Scotland the best of luck.

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This is an old conversation but I’ve posted something on this line in the link below, and wanted some opinions in my point of view on this issue, regards.

Yes, I conducted quite a few on-line surveys & spoke to a good few ppl too. Not one supported 100% Inheritance Tax at £1million, in fact some were almost ready for a fight for suggesting it! Yet, at £10million they warmed to the idea. .

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Nice to hear about the experiment :). Have you tried 1 billion? I.e. why not go to the extreme - see how people respond when surveyed.

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Hi! I just looked at the dates of my posts and it took about one year for me to write my first blog text :slight_smile: Now there’s already two. First is for the change in voting and parliament structure. Second one is 100% inheritance tax. I tought milder versions but it’s there with 100% it. Complete tax, no million, ten million or billion. Maybe some people will catch the idea. No one is commenting, probably too difficult. Not day-to-day politics but a revolution :slight_smile:

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Hi! This is my profile:
And this is the platform:

There’s also some ministers and parliament members on board. No one seems to be interested in revolution, tough :slight_smile:

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