Inheriting debt in a meritocratic society

I don’t remember any discussion about the debt of a deceased person in a meritocratic society. I can’t direct my possessions to anyone after I die so I try to maximize my fun during the days that I live. Government inherits my debt? What about tons of like minded people who leave their debts to the state?

This would be like bankruptcy right? There is money written off all the time, and when this happens it is the company who holds the debt who loses out. This is probably close to what happens now when you die with debt that cannot be recovered from your property. Maybe not?

Ok, case clear.

Inheritance has to do with the exercise of the negative liberty. And starting from that point I believe that it should not be inherited. In a similar manner debts are not inherited, at least here in Brazil. There is only one exceptional case that has to do with

It’s responsibility of the patrimony to deal with that. The inheritors don’t have to deal with that. In a society based on positive liberty the debt should be used in the same manner. The patrimony of the deceased pays for the debt and the inheritors don’t have to deal with that.