Introductions/Organizing meetings



We should all introduce ourselves and say where we are at so we can begin to map out Florida to see where we have the most interest to start having meetings.

For example,

My name is Taylor Martin, I currently live in Fort Lauderdale but am moving to St. Petersburg (outside Tampa) at the end of the month. I am able to attend meetings within a 2 hour radius of either Miami or Tampa, at the very least monthly, but ideally, weekly.

I am currently out of the state but will be available for meetings/discussions at the end of the month.

Who else around the state is interested?


Hi Taylor,

Nice to meet you! My name is A.J. Tagliareni and I am currently living in Orlando. I can also attend meetings within a 2 hour radius on a monthly or possibly bi-weekly schedule as I am fairly busy currently and have not had much time to dedicate to Meritocracy. My girlfriend (who lives with me in Orlando) is also interested in Meritocracy and would probably be willing to come to the meetings as well. In addition Victor Theocharides lives in the Melbourne area and he would probably also be interested in attending a monthly meeting.

Let me know what dates and times you would be available to meet and then I can then talk to Victor to see if we can arrange a date that works for all of us.


Hey AJ,

Sorry I have been off the grid for a bit, just moved to Gulfport and don’t have internet yet. But that is what the library is for! Anyway, I have been asked to review UKMP constitution, which I am currently working on as well as to revise the Florida State Constitution to show meritocratic ideals.

I am also trying to develop a meritocratic social capitalism business model that can be applied to a Seastead initiative and function as a meritocratic model. I am kind of going at my own pace on this as I would like them to be done right and I am also job hunting as well so I have to balance my time. But I am willing to get together and have a meeting to discuss ideas about campaigning in Florida.

I think meritocracy offers a solution to the bipartisan problem of our country and I think we can apply meritocratic solutions to many societal problems even without gaining any kind of office.


Hey all,

As I’ve mentioned, I am trying to revise the Florida State Constitution. I would like to organize the first Florida Meritocracy Party general meeting. I propose meeting the weekend of November 1/2. I would love to meet in Gulfport/St. Pete/Tampa, if that is possible.

I think it is time for us to introduce ourselves and start planning our grassroots movements. I personally have a lot of initiatives and ideas that I would like to workshop and I invite your meritorious ideas as well. I will be creating a Florida Meritocratic Party facebook page for us to start ‘congregating’.

At the first meeting we can discuss roles, methods, and ideas. Also, the Florida State constitution is 618 pages of dense reading. I think we should split up the sections of it based on our interest and skill set in an effort to expedite to process. We won’t be taken seriously unless we can establish ‘legitimate’ political procedure.

Once established, we can pursue more meritocratic initiatives.

Anyone available the weekend of nov. 1/2? Let me know, I can host a small get together or we could just go to a bar or restaurant or park or anything that makes sense.


Are you available november 1/2?


Hi Taylor,

Could you potentially meet the following weekend November 8/9? I am going to be busy the next couple of weeks as I am moving into an apartment and have several deadlines for projects coming up at my workplace.

On a side note I’m really interested in SeaSteading… How did you get involved? And are they currently looking for any more volunteers?


Hey I am free that weekend too. I would love to get together, I have been writing and researching and im kind of at a loss as to how to move forward on my own. Its time to start building I think.

As for seasteading, I am super interested. I actually met the vice president or something of the institute while filming a documentary. I don’ think we need to get involved in the institute, but rather start trying to raise funds for one. It costs about 10 million to build a basic functioning seastead and it would be great to come together and start designing one.

I must confess, I am probably too radical to be useful in conventional politics so I have concentrated my efforts on starting a new kind of business that implements a meritorious social capitalistic model. This model, while designed for business, equally doubles as a societal model that could easily be applied in a seastead condition. In fact, I would go so far as to say that is the ideal environment.

Anyway, I’ll start putting together the florida meritocracy facebook page and see if we can’t get some more people to meet with us.


I felt stuck on my own as well, and I have also thought about getting into conventional politics but I would probably end up working to further someone else’s campaign so I decided against it. Turns out I am also too radical to follow standard political procedures… Anyway I am really interested in both seasteading and building a meritocratic party in Florida, so I look forward to meeting soon.

If you want to add me on Facebook my name is the same as the one on my profile for this website (AJ Tagliareni) and feel free to add me as a friend and invite me to the Facebook group.