Job roles for volunteers

Do you want to help the meritocracy movement? If yes, then please post any skills that maybe useful below. We need many people fulfilling the roles that we desire.

  • Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Letter Writer
  • Personal Information Finder
  • Leaflet/Sticker/Flier Creator
  • Blog Writer
  • Youtube Video Creator
  • Meme Creator
  • Someone who can contact important people online.
  • Artists that can create music for the movement.
  • Someone who can code Meritocracy Apps.
  • Someone with any coding/programming skills.

Please post below if you have any skills that may be helpful, following these guidelines:

Outline any formal training you’ve received and/or any experience. Give examples of your work if necessary.


I would be more than happy to create music for the movement. I have a degree in music (composition major) and have been composing for over ten years. I generally specialize in instrumental music but I write lyrics and songs from time to time.

I’d also be happy to try my hand at some memes. It’s not something I’ve done before but if I come up with any ideas I’ll put them forward.

I have some of my music on soundcloud -


I enjoy writing poems and songs, the current state of affairs around the globe and the mindset of the modern man will be ample fuel to put heart into something to write about.

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Maybe you two could get together to come up with something suitable for Meritocratic Democracy?

@JoelNoel0 @Mark

I have been posting the attitude and direction of movement of the party on facebook and youtube. I am a wrighter as a hobby but have not been ready to upload anything yet. I speak about this party and the mindsets of the OWO and media to friends and family, often on deaf ears and I am careful not to jam anything down anyone’s throat. If they have ears they will hear I’m sure. I’m based in Scotland Fife, and I am willing to help another member in the push for this Ideal. I am currently changing work area and will have some more realistic resources to travel in the near future. Surely I will be with friends :-). BON VOYAGE!

@JoelNoel0 My email address is [email protected] and anyone who wishes to correspond with me directly, I will receive a notice to my mobile. I have to be fair and say life is in the way at the moment however a good job is on the horizon that will keep me based in the UK, When I am in this position it will give me the money to travel and time off to focus. AND I WILL.

Would it be possible if you were to team up with Pho’?

I wonder if he would allow people assisting him?

Ideally we need a video that introduces meritocracy to the general public and can be sent around youtube to channels with many subscribers. Something that can be uploaded to their channels and would seem quite relevant to their channel, people aren’t going to just upload a video that’s not relevant.

Ideally mark, we need someone to create a really high quality video that can be sent around youtube, it needs to be quite relevant to the what the channels usually post in order for the users to upload it.

For example, here is a video that has around 53,000+ views within nearly two years. If we send this video around the whole of youtube, the message is going to get across very quickly, it needs to make meritocracy look very attractive to people.

I understand what you mean with ‘life getting in the way’. I don’t get a lot of time now to spend doing ‘productive’ things but when I do get the time I’m doing my most to make the most of it. I’ve started writing a few lyrics for a meritocracy based song, but it’s still early days. I’d happily write music for a poem of yours that is relevant, or if there are any other ways you would like to collaborate then let me know.

I think the video idea is going to be a strong starting point. I’ve done a few videos on youtube before but not sure if I could create something of high enough quality with my limited resources.

Meme creation is in its early stages, when I have a rough version I’ll post it up for some feedback.

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