Here’s a simple Meme I threw together the other night. I’m not really happy with the wording and definitely think it could be improved. I was thinking of something more along the lines of “No education… wants to change the world” and “Eton education… couldn’t care less”. If anyone else has some suggestions I’m all ears. Any constructive criticism is welcome i.e. do you think it’s putting the right message across? Is the message clear enough? etc

I was wondering if it might be worth starting a new topic where we could share meritocratic ideas/creations that are in development, for feedback purposes?

Job roles for volunteers

I find the best thing to do with meme’s is to search around for already made meme’s, usually facebook produces many of these, edit the meme’s with “” at the bottom. Use meme’s that have already been created but simply include our logo and URL.

Like this.

Use, send them to our landing page.

Do you see what I’m doing? Taking posts from facebook that are quite good, editing them and then reuploading them, take others work and label your cause on it. The meme’s have to be based around politics and activism though, keep them relevant.

Ideally we need videos though, so we can send them out to popular youtube channels.








Wait. After the first pictured meme. Are we elitist jerks? Why can not the hardest working, the bearers of highest integrity, etc become rich and successful? I’m all for the leaders of their fields being appointed corresponding positions, but I will not agree that lesser minds cannot carve out their piece through their own merits.


Made a more thoughtful account…


Some good graphic designs here. I am not skilled really, but I can use Photoshop. Just thought I’d post one and invite criticism/praise ?


Some of these are really excellent. One suggestion I have to offer is that you guys who make these memes should try to be as minimal as you can with the text. The most effective ones contain very little text. You should allow the image you have chosen to do most of the talking. The one above with the school kids and the one about inequality in the US are perfect.


Thought I’d have a shot at another one with the Living wage theme.