Meritocracy at the 2015 Orange County Fair in southern California


A discussion about operating a booth at the 2015 Orange County Fair in Southern California has been initiated. We would need some financial resources and some volunteers. The cost could be as little as $1-2K. We would need printed literature, banners ext. We need graphic artists to create brochures and such and people to man the booth for 2 weeks in July of 2015.


Expensive but spread out over 100-200 people it’s only $10 each. Less if it’s more! No idea where Meritocracy California will be in a year’s time but if it grows quickly then this definitely sounds like a worthwhile endeavour to me.


I’m less concerned about the financing than I am getting volunteers to operate the booth. A correction to the original post; the fair runs from mid-July to mid-August. One month not two weeks. That would require 60 shifts 6 hours long. We need 24 volunteers with a five day commitment each to cover this. That would be two people per shift. I think this would be the minimum.

We should all be engaging the public. Learning how to deliver our message and how to answer their questions. What topics interest people the most or the least. If you do so you’ll find the Meritocratic ethos is superior: you’ll also see extreme alienation and mental atrophy.

The same mediocre job, junk TV shows, junk sports teams, junk electronics, junk food and on Sunday they all gather and listen to the same dead letter. I know this one republican - good ole boy - hasn’t processed a new thought in 30 years.

How do we break this?


Those are good points you raise. I didn’t realise the sheer amount of work and volunteers that would be involved in getting a presence there. Hm.


We could do weekends only. Might have to pay the full price to the fair but only use it on weekends.

Another issue is printed material to give out. 1.3 million visit the fair each year. Will 10% pick up a brochure? That’s 130,000. I don’t really know but think 5,000 would be all people take. For brochures and things we can have a smaller amount made by three different local print houses and agree on a quick response if we need more.


Hi, dave, i would be glad to help at the 2015 orange county fair. I have 10 years in customer service experience, I believe ill be a great asset.


Hi Lee, I don’t think we have the people for an oc fair booth but would like to collaborate on any other projects


That would be cool. What sorts of projects did you have in mind?


Hello, I live in Las Vegas and am working to get a meritocracy branch/party started out here. I am available to donate time in the form of volunteers in July at the county fair. I can also make small financial contributions. Let me know how I can help you!
Thanks you!



I would like to fund. Please contact me. We could start this all together. We need a change.