Meritocracy Book Release

Hi all. Just to let you know I’m about to release a book I’ve been working on for around 3/4 months now. It’s called ‘Meritocracy:A Revolution Of The Mind.’

It deals with what’s wrong with current political systems, especially in the UK + USA & what Meritocracy can do to fix some of these problems. It also has a report on ‘the global progress of meritocracy,’ individual contributions & basic advice on how to form a political party.

I can post a link once it’s officially released here, if anyone is interested.



Meritocracy:A Revolution Of The Mind - paperback book


Great initiative @SeanMac!

Will you be adding it to Amazon? Would make it easier for the book to gain traction, I’m pretty sure there must be a simple way of adding it on there as CreateSpace belongs to them.

I’ll purchase and read as soon as I get the chance to :).

Thanks Roberto. Yes, it takes a few days to show up on Amazon, here’s the link for that too …

Thanks for your support :wink:

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Great! One more book to add to the “will read as soon as possible” -list.

Btw. Roberto, nice that you didn’t remove my profile even tough I asked. I don’t remember was it short or long time ago but it’s good that I’m still here :slight_smile: I needed a complete break from the net, that was all.

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What an initiative. Great. I will purchase it asap. Btw, Sean, isn’t there Kindle edition? :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks Rintaroh! Yes, it is due out on Kindle on May 1st [ to allow time for promotion ]

Here’s the links for pre-order/order :slightly_smiling:

Kindle USA

Kindle UK

Facebook Page

Hope that’s useful :wink:

It helps a lot, Sean. Thank you :smiley: On the release day, I’ll get it. Btw, on the technique of releasing kindle ebooks at amazon: I’ve been planning to release one for the last 3 years and browsed kindle publishing know-how at amazon homepage. That said, the cover image of your book is awesome. Did you create it yourself or did you outsource it? Cover image is a significant factor for stimulating customers into actually buying the content. So I asked you about it. Thank you in advance for answering.:slightly_smiling:

Hi Rintaroh - no, I didn’t outsource it or design it myself. I had a good idea in my head of what it should look like & did a search on google images. That particular image was copyrighted, but you could buy a licence to use it, which wasn’t too expensive [ under $10 ]. I could have used a few different free images of poorer quality, but as I couldn’t find a better one to sum up the words ‘Revolution’ along with ‘Mind,’ & wanted it to look professional, I just took the plunge & paid for it. Hope you have similar inexpensive good luck, cos as you say, the cover often sells the book or at least should tie in with the writing concept. :wink:

Hi, SeanMac!
As I declared/promised, I purchased the eBook/kindle edition. I will read it through. Thank you very much for providing the “seeds of future” with such a quality content. Much much appreciated :wink:
I must finish reading other material on Content Marketing first. Then I will take action on reading the eBook. I can’t wait. On behalf of all [potential] meritocrats in Japan, I would thank you again for your initiative. Vielen Dank!

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