Meritocracy Film


Justin Colella is making a film about Meritocracy that in a nutshell will be similar in style to the Zeitgeist Movies. He’s looking for meritocrats to interview, so if you’re interested, reach out to him via this contact form:


My anti-virus program says that the site is dangerous and blocks it. Hopefully the movie will be made anyway :smile:


Huh, weird, which anti-virus are you using? What does it say exactly?


“Harmful site blocked”

“This page has been reported as harmful. We recommend that you don’t visit the page.”

I don’t actually know if it is my browser or F-Secure that says this. It’s possible to enter but I haven’t done so yet. I remember a few nasty experiences fom sites I wish I wouldn’t have visited; computer locked and/or a lot of spam mail etc.


How is the film comming along? Are people still needed?