Meritocracy in America

In America how could we instate? To instate it would we need to change or manipulate the constitution? What would we need to do maintain it? How would we test and move people up the chain of power? Would there be a chain of power or would it be a council? Etc. Lets discuss how we must change and implement things in a meritocracy of America.

The Constitution will need to be changed; major reform will need to take place. To maintain a meritocratic government, little extra maintenance will be required, relative to democracy. The only question would be that of taxes: whether there should be a flat or progressive tax. Now, I’m assuming you’re talking about an intelligence-based meritocracy; therefore, there should be a council to govern the fledgling nation. Otherwise, a constitutional monarchy is the best form, because the monarch would have the necessary power to do what must be done; as opposed to democracy, where the President or Prime Minister is bound by the people.

I believe there should be a flat tax. A progressive tax would just punish those with intelligence because the intelligent would be those in power therefore earning the most wealth. A meritocracy must allow the lesser of people to live happy lives. Though the intelligent will rule and vote and control the nation.

Yes, of course. Everyone should be living in happiness unless they have committed a crime. A flat tax makes sense. The bourgeoisie should not be punished for their intelligence, power, or wealth. Also, voting is another issue. We must determine who should be allowed to vote. I suggest an IQ threshold or something similar. We cannot allow the lesser people to vote; they would choose the wrong candidate, like in most modern-day democracies.

I believe that there should be a Traditionalist, oligarchical, sector-based Meritocratic system. In less confusing vernacular, I believe the system should be ruled over by a oligarchical committee that is selected based on certain objective testing. Furthermore, government should be structured into three “sectors”: “Unskilled Labor Party”, “Skilled Labor Party”, and “Highly Skilled Labor Party”. Each party will have representatives from their designated demographic of citizens, but also a representative from the ruling committee. The education system will also be divided in the same manner, except all sectors will be combined through junior high, where testing will determine which party the student belongs in. While this is still a rough draft, I believe this is the proper foundation for a meritocratic government.


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What would our punishments for crimes would we continue with jail? and with the same prison system? Also the I.Q test is unreliable. What if we have people that excel in only one field? I think we would have to develop our own test evaluating peoples strengths and weaknesses in fields.

I never mentioned the I.Q. test. I agree that we must develop better tests, but that is a long way down the road.


Frankly, your opinion on this matter is naive, and under-developed. I.Q. tests have been proven unreliable. A system where only a small amount of the populace is allowed to vote will create class wars, and overall unhappiness. Also, I feel that the aforementioned sector representatives should be elected.