Meritocracy Pàrtaidh na h-Alba - the Scottish Meritocracy Party

Good news! Meritocracy Pàrtaidh na h-Alba - [ the Scottish Meritocracy Party ] has been approved by the Electoral Commission. So it’s a real bona-fide political party now, along with the UK Meritocracy Party.

My thanks to Roberto, Diarmuid & everyone else who helped along the way to make it happen!

Meritocracy Pàrtaidh na h-Alba


We are now the proud owners of the domain name ‘

Our first domain still works as well …

It’ll take a short while to make the new domain take over all the full functions on the site, [search engines web-crawling every page] but all is well & will continue to be well :wink:

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Great work @SeanMac, from idea to reality!

A short domain name definitely makes it easier, but are you sure about the hyphen? It’s something you’ll have to pronounce each time: “mp hyphen alba dot org” versus “mp alba dot org”, for example.

Here’s an article that you may find helpful: Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

If you decide to register a third domain name that has no hyphen then I recommend not cancelling the current domain names because otherwise a reseller wil snatch them up automatically.

You’ll probably find this article useful as well for future domain purchases: Important Precautions to Take When Buying a Domain Name

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Good advice, I’ll read into it, though I think ‘Alba’ is better as one word on its own, it’s Gaelic for ‘Scotland.’ I did have that choice, but it didn’t look as good as with the hypen, believe it or not. Will think it over however. Thanks again for tremendous back-up while we went through the whole process :wink:

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Updates -

We now also have a bank account, if anyone wishes to make a small donation -

Airdrie Savings Bank,

Bank A/C Name - Meritocracy Pàrtaidh na h-Alba
Account Number - 05735867
Sort Code - 80 - 36 - 07

Or you can do it straight from the website -

As it costs £500 deposit to put up 1 candidate for election, every small donation helps.

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