New Meritocracy Logo (Futuristic Scifi style)


Made by me. You are free to use for any purpose.


Nice work :). Would you be able to create one using the Meritocracy Star?


Sure thing, i’ll see what I can do. Do you know what Font it’s in?

(Nevermind I reverse engineered it with WhatTheFont, you send an image file and it finds matching fonts. I’m almost 100% sure its “Trajan Pro Bold” from Adobe, I have the font, its all good.)


Here it is, wasn’t too hard to make :smile:


Made an animated version today


Made another animation


Nice, we actually do have a 3D version ready for use in videos - it’s a bit different to what you made though. Not sure where it is at the moment, @Diarmuid_Russell?


I thought it’s good to have a few versions so it looks fresh. If someone makes a video they can use both logos in different parts of the video, it’s all aesthetics.

But if someone only see’s one picture all the time it can look old, abandoned, cheap, or unsupported. That’s why companies tend to update their logos every few years and also update their slogans eg. Coca-Cola. Gotta use same appealing strategies for the positive.


Great work!


Hello Meritocrats and Ed,

This is Great Work. I wanted to share on FB but didn’t work the first time. Maybe someone can PM me a link there? Be Much obliged.


Thanks, have you tried to right-click on the image and click “Save Image As”?


That looks awesome Ed, well done.