Online Chat Channel (IRC)

We have a chat channel on the Rizon IRC network. You can talk to meritocrats in real-time if you go to: and then:

Type in a unique nickname. If it’s a nickname that belongs to someone else, then it’ll get automatically changed to a generic one. If you’re going to be chatting a lot it’s best to register your nickname which will avoid other people using it. Follow this guide to do that:

Type in #meritocracy where it says channels.

Leave the password field and auth dropdown empty unless you have a registered nickname.

Click on connect and you’re done!

I’ll try to be in there as much as possible, which will probably be UTC evenings in general. If I don’t respond immediately it’s because I’m AFK.

The user named Cyber is a bot.

If you’re already familiar with IRC then use any client you feel like of course.


I think it is more handy if you proclaim to be there at a certain time, so people can go when they know someone is there.

You’re right, I haven’t been in there much lately. I’ll generally be around from 20:00 UTC onwards. If I take a while to respond it’s because I’m alt-tabbed or AFK, but I’ll respond eventually unless I get disconnected.