Scotland After The Referendum

Hi, I’m new here, so my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. As the topic is relevant to the future of the UK, i thought it best to start at the UK group of messages.

Given that 45% in Scotland said YES to independence, after a tsunami of British state propaganda, negative campaigning & fear-mongering descended upon Scottish voters, where does the Uk Meritocracy Party stand on having a seperate Scottish Meritocracy Party?

I understand many here have done a lot of hard work in setting up the UK Party, and in no way do I wish to undermine that. I do think though that you have to take into account that ‘Better Together’ narrowly won the Scottish Referendum by the most underhand tactics we’ve seen in a long time. Many who voted NO are starting to regret their decision already. At present, the support for YES stands at 52%, if another was held today.

As we have north of the border the SNP, Scottish Greens, SSP, these are the parties that you’ll see will win in May 2015 in Scotland. Home grown parties, independent of any UK equivilants. So I think there should be a Scottish Meritocrary Party if you really wish to win votes here. We won’t be voting for Liebour, The Tories, Lib-Dems or UKIP. Bear in mind, Scotland also has it’s own elections in 2016 for the Scottish parliament.

At present, I’m a member of the Scottish Greens. Even they are not radical enough in vision, though. I’ve been following the Meritocracy movement for about 2 years now. I started a group on called ‘The Movement’. Hopefully anyone who’s on there will check the group out & join. It’s a more secure alternative to Facebook, data-wise. If there was a Scottish Meritocracy Party I’d gladly join, or help set one up.

slainte mhor! ( Cheers! )

I do not think it matters.

As it stands, each UK state has its own electoral committee anyway. I live in Northern Ireland, but to be part of the UK party and the NI party, they are separate applications.

If Scotland goes independent, it will hardly make a difference because you will be handling your own affairs according to the vision of Meritocracy worldwide. Meritocracy will have to be a global and united movement.

Borders etc are all imaginary when it comes to a city state model of society anyway.

Thanks for your views there NiallAC. I think I need to expand a little - most who voted YES ( the 45% ) are the most likely to be persuaded by Meritocracy, much more so than the No voters ( The 55% ) who hate change & love everything the way it is. ( The politics of greed & self-interest )

However, the ‘45+ and Rising’ would probably never vote for any party that has ‘UK’ in its title, as that is contrary to all our hopes and aspirations! Most patriots & nationalists want out of the UK, so voting for a party with ‘United Kingdom’ in the title just won’t happen. It goes against the grain too far, no matter how noble the cause.

I think the Greens have been clever, in that they have ‘The Scottish Greens’ & ‘The Green Party of England and Wales’ as seperately registered parties, though their manifestos & aims are the same. Something similar to this set-up is what I suggest…

I think Sean brings up a great point and it’s something to be considered. We still have to create the NI branch of the UKMP officially, so creating a Scottish Meritocracy Party wouldn’t be out of the question if we can raise the funds and more importantly have dedicated people who will be the movers and shakers of the Party.

We don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin, we need more people to get themselves involved.

Thanks Roberto. As said, if there’s agreement amongst the many of you who put in the hard work, time & effort so far, then count me in for a Scottish Meritocracy Party. If there’s anyone else who’s already here from Scotland, I don’t mind communicating & putting ideas into action, if this gets the go ahead. It’s only the 45% who voted for Scottish Independence who want real change based on social fairness, Meritocracy stands little chance with the ‘I’m Alright Union Jack’ brigade who vote only for their own selfish interests + a blind allegiance to the British Monarchy.

Bear in mind, a Scottish Party would have some slight local differences: eg we want rid of Trident Nuclear Missiles off our territory immediately & an end to Fracking before it even begins. Scottish Law & Education systems are already slightly different to the rUK & we’d probably seek protection of the Gaelic language to the same level that Welsh has just now. We also have the Scottish Parliament, which has it’s own MP’s ( MSP’s ) so Meritocracy would do well to field candidates in purely Scottish elections as well. There’s also the European elections too, not to mention local council elections.

It doesn’t take much to get it going numbers wise, it’s only the fees that are costly. £150 to register & £500 deposit per candidate, per area, in an election. eg there’s a ‘Scottish Jacobite Party’ up here, which is 1 guy & his secretary to fulfill the official roles. ( He admits to losing the election deposit every time )

So much food for thought, and being a newbie, I leave it up to the veterans where you want to go with this.

Thanks for consideration of the idea, whatever happens.