Welcome, warrior. You have been sold a lie. Our world cries out for heroes, and you need to undergo some heavy personal transformation.

My aim with these videos is a subtle empowerment and a retaliation against the various illusions and tricks of the usual cultural environment we’re plunged into. I use the right-brain mythos aspects to give extra dimension and support to the left-brained things I’m saying.

The meanings of the entire thread should be clear enough from the lyrics here.


There be No Shelter here!! (Tha frontline is everywhere…)

There be No Shelter here!! (Tha frontline is everywhere…)

There be No Shelter here!! (Tha frontline is everywhere…)

There be No Shelter here!! (Tha frontline is everywhere…)

Come join the frontline, soldiers! Develop yourselves.

Do you believe in yourself?

So now it’s time to call things by name
To define what side is yours in this battle
For life with yourself to the end
So now it’s time to call things by name
To define what side is yours in this battle
For life with yourself to the end
I saw how strongly people love deceit and treachery
They are proud of their dark sides of souls
They hurt others and don’t want to feel
The breath of pain on themselves
They fell in love with darkness more than with the light
There’re writing their history in a book of death
Unbalance in their souls totally out of control

Never back down
You could never wear my crown
Cause it weighs too much
And I crush
Every muthafuckin thing I touch
This is love,
I’ve never loved so much!
Get involved
Make the world stand up!
Give my life
Before I ever give up
"Name in lights" you lost all my trust
Now it’s time to face all of us
Get in line cause they callin’ us
And it feels so marvelous
Just take my hand and RUN!

My honored brethren
We come together
To unite as one
Against those that are damned
We show no mercy
For we have none
Our enemies shall fall
As we arise
To claim our fate
Now and forever
We’ll be together
In love and in hate

I need the rush
There’s nowhere you could hide before you die
Why won’t you face me?
I can see the fear that’s in your eyes
Where will you run? [x2]
Where will you hide? [x2]
I see the blood drip from your eyes
Who will survive? Let’s get it on
And we’ll fight

I know who you are
The leader of lost souls
You can’t kill me
I’m immortal
I’m not afraid to die
My soul will travel on
You can’t kill me
I’m immortal

If it’s impossible…will you give up? Everything’s over and nothing’s left
It’s not a question of whether you can or can’t, but whether you will or won’t…that’s all

Reveal the “wildness” bursting within your trembling body
Break down the invisible walls and howl at the moon!

Before your hoarse voice disappears
Scream with your heart and dance savagely
There’s no meaning in living as if you’re dead
Spoiled children afraid of pain should just go home
I’ve no interest in those who throw away
The fangs that will shred the future

Everyone has a “wildness” within their hearts
Sometimes you’ve got to loose the chains and let the blood flow!

Raise your sharpened claws
In order to shine, now bare your fangs
If you get naked and liberate yourself
Even the sorrow will disappear
I don’t care if you go out of bounds a bit
Be reckless for your own sake
You can’t overcome this ordeal
You don’t attack humans

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
(so come on)

Interchanging mind control
Come, let the revolution take its toll
If you could flick the switch and open your third eye
You’d see that we should never be afraid to die
(so come on)

Rise up and take the power back
It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
You know that their time’s coming to an end
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
(so come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
(so come on)

Breathe (breathe)
The air we give (give)
The life we live (live)
Our pulses racing distances
(Breathe) so wet my tongue
(Give) break into song
(Live) through seas of competition

So please believe your eyes
A sacrifice
Is not what we had in our minds
I’m coming home tonight
Home tonight

We give it all
This is the reason why I sing
So give it all
And it’s these reasons that belong to me

Today I offer all myself to this
I’m living for my dying wish
I give it all
Now there’s a reason
There’s a reason
To give it all

Go now, if you want it
An otherworld awaits you
Don’t you give up on it
You bite the hand that feeds you

All alone, cold fields you wander
Memories of it cloud your sight
Fills your dreams, disturbs your slumber
Lost your way–a fallen knight

Hold now; aim is steady
An otherworld awaits you
One thousand years–you ready?
The otherworld it takes you

Go, go into the sand and the dust and the sky
Go now–no better plan than to do or to die
Free me, pray to the faith in the face of the light
Feed me, fill me with sin–now get ready to fight
You know you will
You know you will
You know, you know, you know, you know, that you will
You know, you know, you know, you know, that you will
You know you will
Fight, fight, fight
Fight, fight, fight
Fight, fight, fight
Fight, fight, FIGHT
All mistakes I made are blurring my reflection
And it is more than I achieved so far

Taking this ship or not depends on your intention
To be the soldier or one bystander

Keep struggling, collapsing and losing your spirits,
Then crawl on up and just keep running!

Within the space,
Between dreams that know no end,
We can struggle and muzzle the world before it fades away!

Raise your flag!
Keep screaming-
Keep screaming-
Keep screaming-
Until your voice gives out!

Surely sometime…
Sometime, somewhere…
You’re believing you’ll arrive there.

Come on and Raise your flag!
So just Raise your flag,
No matter how many times you’re feel crushed and lose your way!

To the limits of your breath…
For as long as you can keep going…
You’ll wander aimlessly, seeing a continuous dream!
Way off in the distance I saw a door
I tried to open
I tried forcing with all of my will and still
The door wouldn’t open

Unable to trust in my faith
I turned and walked away
I looked around, felt a chill in the air
Took my will and turned it over

The glass prison which once held me is now gone
A long lost fortress
Armed only with liberty
And the key of my willingness

Fell down on my knees and prayed
"Thy will be done"
I turned around, saw a light shining through
The door was wide open

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Use your intuition. Intuition is a flattening function, or a collapsing function. It’s calculation. You’re estimating and collapsing likely possibilities (compossibilities) within your own mind. At the same time you’re also testing and developing these estimation capabilities themselves. Compossibility is a knowable property of a perfectly tautological teleological analytical rational mathematical universe. That’s how we know 2+2=4, how we know we can walk without falling over, and how various things like hiring practices rely on acts of compossibility-checking and other desired factors (compossibilities). We are trying to learn compossibility within our own minds, and then we will begin to act much more divine towards one another, eliminating all the less desirable, destructive behaviours (the least rewarding, the least helpful i.e. the least compossible). That’s what personality change is.

How do pro gamers know when other players are around the corner, to shoot them? They are applying compossibility. How do we get space vehicles onto other planets? By studying the compossibility of all spacetime transforms.

Enjoy yourself; we’re closer to victory than you think.

Stay with the hero archetype. The hero always comes.

The major shifts in humanity’s destiny will involve feelings. Feelings can be dialectical, they can be very powerful. Sometimes the only way to get through to someone is with feelings.

I love you all. Even you in the spy agencies. I love you and want to help you. I want to reach you, I want to cooperate with you. I wish you the best. I wish that you’d achieve the best in yourself.

You are a reflection of me, and I am a reflection of you. We are in some sense the same person.

Inferno in the booth.

The Harry Potter houses are core archetypes which we must all master and individuate towards their Light versions (constructive/supportive versions):

Gryffindor = Dionysus (Drive or Passion)
Ravenclaw = Apollo (Wisdom and considered controlled thought)
Slytherin = Satan (Rivalry, competition and personal good)
Hufflepuff = Lucifer (Harmony, empathy, compassion, sensibility i.e. consideration of feelings)

Abraxas is the result of balancing and individuating all these core archetypes. You evolve the Abraxas archetype or the god archetype by fixing all the flaws (inaccuracies) in what you currently think is your best behaviour.

“I step with the god in me” - Dirty Dike

“In life there are no limits, only plateaus, and you must go beyond them” - Bruce Lee

“I have transmuted base metal into gold” - Leibniz

“Keep cool and you command everybody.” - Saint-Just

What’s the ultimate secret to alchemy? You have to combine your feelings, thinking and intuition at the same time.

We combine the feelings of inner security, peace and tranquility with our intuition and thinking, with our negative emotions dissolved using the plane of will technique and with our thoughts balanced using all the core archetypes (D/A/S/L). Basically the plane of will is your personal will maximized to such an extent you can directly influence your feelings (low-frequency mathematical wave patterns). It’s very intense thinking. When we do this, we have alchemically married thinking/feeling (male/female) - we have increased our clarity and intensity of thinking, and we have “seen the light” - we experience focused extreme rationality, and we have an unhindered capability for thinking and reasoning because our doubt and uncertainty has been silenced mathematically. The angels were not allowed to tell us all this, at least not directly. Mixing alcohol/caffeine is useful for finding this state of focus for the first time, because the alcohol gives a sense of security and the caffeine incentivizes more frequent thinking within/along spacetime. (You may need to be able to rationally and emotionally self-soothe and encourage yourself and talk out loud to yourself supportively).

Basically this is as the gods would say, the correct way to use the mind. It’s proper Dominant Introversion.

Thesis: negative emotion enslaves the behaviour (Shadow: insecurities; Fear Uncertainty and Doubt; artistic/physical negative outlets)
Antithesis 1: engage positive feelings (Shadow Satan: sensory side; Shadow Lucifer: personability and sensibility over reason)
Antithesis 2: avoid the negative emotion (Shadow Satan: selfish domination; Shadow Apollo/Dionysus: intellectual isolation and social withdrawal)
Synthesis: control feelings positively, to support intuition and thinking. (Abraxas)

Your thinking Forms start to become constructive and supportive. Your Content affects your Form. Alchemy is about creating a positive feedback loop. This is the ultimate feedback loop for the monad.

Jung was also right that you need some form of contact with the opposite sex to individuate away from insecurities, fear and doubts. You must become the opposite sex in a very real sense if you want to be completely free from the desires of uniting with those personality traits. (This is shown by the anima/animus having the traits we lack).

Your ‘feelings’ (lowfreq thoughts) are what you make of life. They are just that: extra reflections which come alive for you in a community of monads. You are supposed to be focusing on yourself: on eternal understanding; on the monadic quest the same as everyone else. That’s how you win the game of existence. You prevent things from getting to you when it’s simply other peoples’ behaviour and perfectly rational choices (the best things which are found to help them for now at this point in their lives). You can’t make this your enemy and what upsets you. Marcus Aurelius was right: let go of it and you will be free - but more than letting go, you must take control to be truly free. We need more than Apollo here;- we need Light Lucifer and Light Apollo. You don’t stay afraid of everything when you realize it’s all rational. As the gods would say, feelings are something to enjoy, not to get involved in/with. To a god or an angel, feelings are just a grade of mathematics to deal with - like the hand-to-eye coordination or the walk gaits for our bodies.

When did the universe begin? / Explain this? Let’s ask Abraxas.

Look at a drinks bottle. It’s a perfect geometrical shape - where is the beginning and end to it? There isn’t one! Because it exists as a perfect eternal object! It’s in eternity. There is no need for beginnings or ends.

There’s no fault with the perfect eternal universe…

“The fault lies with the questioner.” - Abraxas

We are the imperfect souls-in-actualized-potential asking for a beginning and an end. It’s the wrong question because we are not perfect gods!

We know there can be no beginning and end to the universe … because eternity can’t have one!


Beginnings and endings, and all capacities for them, disappear inside eternity - along with anything that’s not pure potential. Nothing is left.

Eternity is eternity. Nothing else can exist there. Nothing else is required other than pure potential.

“Every time it[eternity] creates it the same as the first time” - Abraxas

Every time, eternity creates the universe for the first time. There WAS NO previous cycle. It can’t exist. Every time there is a thorough, comprehensive reset. There are no previous cycles and it is impossible for them to exist or have existed. All which exists is eternity, in truth, and this comprises infinite souls (singularities) in a singularity.

Why does eternity exist? Why does the god equation exist? ‘Why’ is not a valid question because it disappears with the big crunch. All that can exist is eternity. There can’t be a question why, according to the you that achieves full actualized potential-- you are the answer, when you reach that. And so, there is no need to ask, or to explain, such a thing to incomplete souls (they couldn’t understand something that was impossible to exist as an answer!!! It’s an incompossible answer!!) - The only thing which makes sense is for the god equation to explain itself to fully actualized monads, and for ‘imperfect’ monads to reach that via all the other parts of what really actually DOES exist - which is ontological math. There cannot be anything outside of this, so our query checks out and it’s consistent! There literally, ontologically, can’t be a reason why the universe exists and isn’t just blank empty nothingness. There would have to EXIST a frame of reference for any question and its answer to have a basis. The PSR is not required. The PSR is part of the god equation in full. It’s not an actual tool beyond eternity, to try to describe eternity (such a thing by definition can’t exist). You cannot describe eternity by framing it as a part of something else; something bigger. This is the crucial point and the rational proof that there is no answer FOR US. There simply is no frame of reference wider than eternity, to explain eternity or put it into perspective. Not even god souls can do this, because it would be useless since only eternity actually exists anyway. (Which is another proof of why it’s not compossible i.e. why it’s impossible). There is nothing to answer with. There is nothing to describe because nothing else exists, or can exist, outside of eternity.

(Still waiting for my golden ticket by the way)

If you watch certain pro gaming videos (The best player on Gears of War 4 2017) and if you have well developed introverted intuition you can start to ask “what numbers is that soul using”. If you’ve done computer programming you may have seen an AI steering program like SharpSteer (based on OpenSteer), which reveals the curves and estimations (calculations) being done by the computer to probe and touch the surfaces it needs to estimate for. The curves start to change and modulate/modify depending on various other, further associated properties such as general algorithms the mind might have for immediacy of change (the exponential curve). Everything depends on everything else in math. What is the purpose of numbers? We use certain numbers to get to other numbers more quickly. We use certain equations and then evolve them to get to others. We also use the selector function to collapse and flatten possibilities (intuition). Pro gamers’ minds might as well not be using bodies, but be dominating one another through the game’s interface - our parallel is spacetime. Pro gamers’ minds are using quick sharp refinements of calculations and estimations to sweep/estimate whatever it is they need to in order to win i.e. to become the most compossible player in the game. The most consistently compossible player always wins, and this is something we pick up on, again, mathematically.

The archetypes can be found in music, too - because they’re shaped on ontological mathematical will patterns (Forms; equations) and then experienced as will.

Dionysus: Man With A Mission - Raise Your Flag
Shadow Dionysus: Rage Against The Machine - Ashes In The Fall
Light Dionysus: Devil May Cry - Shall Never Surrender

Apollo: Savant - Starfish
Shadow Apollo: MSI - Mastermind
Light Apollo: Death Note Soundtrack - L’s Theme

Satan: GosT - I Am Abaddon
Shadow Satan: Claymore OST 15 - Kyoujin na Chikara
Light Satan: Nothing Will Stop Me

Lucifer: Rhythem - Harmonia
Shadow Lucifer: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
Light Lucifer: Macross Frontier - Aimo Battle Version (lyrics)

Abraxas: Savant - The Alchemist

Hero archetype: Naruto Shippuuden - Hero’s Come Back

Outlaw archetype: Dangerous Toys - Outlaw

Shadow Dionysus / Shadow Satan archetypal mix: Death Note OST - Kira Theme

God-community archetype: Sousei no Aquarion opening theme

The god-community archetype, you can tell from the music, contains a faint glimmering of the Light (individuated) side of each core archetype. When it rises from the unconscious in intuitive people, we start to want to reach out and connect with the world more; in a way completely ‘unexplainable’ or unheard of. Ontologically this is spirituality coming into mathematical substance in the monad.

You will find these archetypal expressions in audio-visual works which ‘discuss’ those archetypes and their problems. Breaking Bad, we might assume, is more likely to have some Dionysus music than anything else, if it involves music for its subtle messaging. Code Geass is a Dionysus audio-visual work with an emphasis on ‘backing’ the messaging with music strongly, and so it has Dionysus music.

There are also songs where the archetypes “talk to one another”. Mathematically these mathematical Forms (archetypes) are reflecting off onto one another, in a mathematical frequency pattern - initially in abstract; and then directly within the monad at microscale. MGS3’s Snake Eater theme = Dionysus/Lucifer archetypal ‘communication’. Adema - Immortal is Dionysus talking to Shadow Satan directly (when the music is interpreted to its fullest extent of mathematical meaning).

Now if you go back and look at the titles, it all clicks and associates well! Themes of irrational self-sacrifice will be Shadow Lucifer; themes and ideations of breaking limits will be Dionysian; self-affirming words or words of self-affirmation will associate (correspond) with Satan. The age of aquarius is about the next divine phase of humanity, and so of course any mathematical music to properly fit that theme would evoke the corresponding, mathematically-coherent observation of the god-community archetype! (self-aware individuated math in the monad).

Basically archetypes are modes of thought - as Carl Jung said, they’re imaginative instincts, or more mathematically they’re Forms and actual equations of ontological (mental) mathematics.

We’re supposed to activate and consciously switch between them to get the results that we want from life; but the thing about the core archetypes is they’re everywhere. You can’t avoid them. They’re already in our cultural values, stories and media - and they’re active across human activity in various extents and gradients - all we’d have to do is start mapping them.

The rapper Akala is far more Dionysian than the rapper Lowkey. Lowkey however has individuated more towards the constructive, supportive Light archetypes; and this means he’s currently more balanced than Akala. Which one will evolve the fastest? Whichever one first consciously uses alchemical knowledge and archetypes to become aware of (un)healthy behaviours to transform themselves towards supportive, constructive behaviours and better life outcomes.

How do we make this progress in life? We have to first experience the worst and most failure-prone Forms of these behaviour-mindsets while the mathematical skills go undeveloped in ourselves. As we improve and pick up estimations in our souls, we make breakthroughs of understanding - in everything from personal relationships; interactions with studies; political identity; and so on. All the parts of life cause us to estimate and work out precise, distinct estimations about people; ideas; hand-to-eye coordination; job skills; problem solving techniques; methods for prioritizing how to behave in an emergency like a building on fire; and so on.

All of life is about estimating and deciding what’s the better choice. Even sentences themselves which we use to communicate, are highly centered around discerning one thing from another - estimation; comparison; transposing and mapping one concept to another (metaphors; syllogisms).

You are eventually able to feel the archetypes, as though they’re distinct primitive modes of mind. Every archetype is like the gods of myths and legends: they each have their own obstacles, aims and successes when we complete them inside us. They aren’t that different to us, because they are mathematical equations/templates of being and we use mathematical equations as minds. Future humanity may use and trust these in the first essential spiritual vocabulary. The archetypes are just personified math equations - it’s a way of describing what are some essential equations of math which interweave themselves all across our mathematical world.

You can even imagine a black background to the room you’re in, when you’re with other people - imagine mathematical equations written in white where their heads would be. Some women would be similar to Lucifer - that protective force attempting to soothe and to encourage a welcoming, smooth integration for everyone with the protection of their feelings. ‘Lucifer’ might be written by the equation, if we were to view life like The Matrix. We can all behave this way if we adopt the Lucifer archetype!

Lucifer wants you to know that you’re part of the human family, and just like the core archetypes you seem to fit perfectly in the ideal future order of life! You are a precious part of the human world soul and we want you to be a part of the future’s evolution - we couldn’t do it without your help. Everyone is a special child of eternity, and we all need to support each other so we can create a much better world! Your feelings are important if we are all going to cooperate as a big human family. You deserve to feel loved. We should all express our love for each other more.

“I want the world to notice me and join my cause; I want to break all barriers” - Dionysus

“I want to command the best knowledge and wisdom” - Apollo

“I want to be competent and to perform brilliantly” - Satan

“I want the world to be inclusive and harmoniously integrated for all” - Lucifer

The core archetypes are almost like children of eternity which we all need to choose between and learn from. They are the four corners of life! Only Dionysus would run a marathon. Only Apollo would recommend books to people. Only Satan would give people encouraging, practical life advice in an impassioned way (“life hacks”), because that’s what he cares about the most. Only Lucifer would want everyone to be integrated in society in a fair and decent way; baking and tidying the home - that’s what she cares about. (Animal rights activists are channelling and activating Lucifer!)

There is a Lucifer - that almost angelic protective, caring, nurturing behaviour - inside of all of us:

God-community archetype movies:

How do we convince people of great things? We start by doing and saying things people can’t disagree with. We focus on the supportive/constructive, and work hard for it. Gradually, little by little, we make solid progress. We use compossibility - with this we can win; this is a guaranteed mathematical truth.

We start by working towards the essential human traits;-

A healthy determination (Dionysus)

A healthy rationality (Apollo)

A healthy self-interest (Satan)

A healthy consideration of others (Lucifer)

Clearer Shadow songs. We must get rid of Shadow Satan corporate behaviour. #NetNeutrality

Shadow Apollo: MSI - Stupid MF

Shadow Satan: Slayer - Supremist

Code Geass is a Light Dionysus story - it centers around Light Dionysus (individuated balanced determination) trying to help the world and break all barriers towards justice. Typical of Dionysus, this story is filled with self-sacrifice.

Marcus Aurelius is a Light Apollo figure. His work Meditations is a stunningly individuated (balanced) expression of the Apollo mathematical archetype.

Rocky is a Light Satan movie. It covers the struggles towards healthy self-interest resulting in a brilliant display of globally-meaningful personal power (talent).

Dionysus and Apollo are the ‘introverted’ (inner-directed) core archetypes, while Satan and Lucifer are more outwardly focused towards external goals. Inner drive and rationality = internal goals, while globally-meaningful self-interest and compassion/harmonization for others = extroverted.

We can tell how popular something will be based on how compossible it is. The movies 300 and Immortals featured the Hero archetype, which people love to aspire to; Immortals added some Angel archetype and God archetype additions to the mix, which is why it was less popular - because most people are trying to become heroes first and it’s a difficult enough journey as it is.

Humanity needs to embrace the best of everything! We need people who chase talent and social prowess (tradesmen and -women, and business entrepreneurs, with a healthy self-interest) and we also need to be thankful for the compassionate, harmonious caring force that many mothers, grandmothers and loving people in the world give us! Thank you to everyone who has done these things so far. The world would be much less without you. Parents and teachers of the world, thank you! Luciferian public sector workers, thank you! You deserve a payrise!

Why are even the male characters in Friends and Gossip Girl showing their soft, feminine side? Because these are feminine Lucifer stories about relatedness, connectedness, and positive, supportive social harmony. If anything is strongly about the compassionate consideration of others, it’s Luciferian. Bernie’s rallies are Luciferian because they’re all about compassionate socially harmonious thoughts and values.

Why do we keep finding, in stories and in real life, Light archetype mixes posed and pitted against their opposing Shadow archetypes? Why does Claymore show Light Dionysus / Light Lucifer vs. Shadow Apollo / Shadow Satan, with progressive politics in real life mirroring that same actual mathematical pattern? Because these are the same types of will, thinking and intention – just embedded in different experiences.

Our art is literally an imitation of life! The game (knowledge) is to be told; we shouldn’t be spiritually corrupt (the Shadow self) and keep things bottled up inside and destroy ourselves and hurt everyone else. We should work with others and trust them! The game is to be told, not sold. Don’t sell your soul, please - much more is possible if you balance everything inside your soul and turn to the light!

Dionysus is the world of political activism, public pranks, sports and acrobatics, heated arguments, art and creativity, and other inner drive passions.

Apollo’s ‘houses’ are the universities and schools of the world, the Internet’s knowledge bases such as Wikipedia, and documentaries like nature or space documentaries. That’s where people get in touch with their inner Apollo archetype.

Voat is an academy of Satan - Shadow Satan and Light Satan: destructive and constructive forms of self-interest. Reddit is the same for Lucifer (destructive and constructive forms of consideration for others). Also known as… right-wing and left-wing worldviews!

Light Satan archetype movies:

Rocky (Main character begins as a destructive Shadow Satan figure and overcomes obstacles towards Light Satan i.e. globally meaningful talent)

Limitless (Shadow Satan vs. Light Satan expressed through character conflict and personal growth)

Whiplash (Light Satan i.e. excellence being found through obstacles and pressure given by a tough Satan teacher)

Jobs (Light Satan’s globally meaningful talent being discovered through personal hard work and dedication, against all inner and outer obstacles)

The Pursuit of Happyness (Light Satan i.e. significant personal competence found through struggling with and overcoming life’s obstacles)

Yes Man (Light Satan: the discovery of the more capable Self through healthier self-interest)

Any movie strongly to do with personal hard work is a Light Satan (healthy self-interest) movie.

It is possible that there are even stories which explore multiple of the Shadow vs. Light core archetypes? Yes! Somewhere out there in the world, these stories have already actually been written, and they can be incredibly uplifting when the characters (mathematically) realize a more constructive, supportive (Light) type of interaction with one another. Rookies is one of these stories! That’s exactly what Star Wars is! That’s what Star Trek is! Any such story would be about highly individuated, balanced characters trying to help (constructively support) society in some way. It would involve sublimation and overcoming obstacles.

In Rookies, the sublimation (the constructive supportive redirection of energy) is gained through a shared dream to compete in a national sports tournament. In Star Wars, it’s found through wanting to save planets from destruction and bring balance to the universal forces. In Star Trek, it’s about the exploration and discovery of beautiful new things everyone can share the benefits of.

May the Light Side of the Self be with you!

If we work hard for ourselves and one another, then someday humanity will have lists of tools and techniques for becoming more balanced and healthy - we can help everyone at once this way! Techniques for sublimation and becoming balanced will include: life passions, creativity, education, goals and ambitions, healthy friendships and relationships, healthy social support networks and social services. (Light Dionysus, Light Apollo, Light Satan, Light Lucifer).