Signing off,


It is not a myth that the FBI and CIA are headquartered at CERN. Geneva is the home of Western diplomacy.

It is not a myth that the Internet is headquartered at CERN. The World Wide Web cannot possibly remain afloat without a center; a “heart,” if you will.

The conspiracy theory about Walmart is the one to look into right now. Many Americans were worried that Obama was using FEMA to ship coffins into Walmarts.

Bodies will not be burned in coffins, that is an inefficient use of material. Bodies will be burned in bunkers.

If you are in America, know someone in America, or care about American life in any way, shape or form, I would suggest you dissect my SoundCloud page and dissect as much of the platform as possible. It might take you days, but we don’t have much time.

I would highly advise that you hold your families close.

Because America is finished.