Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigning has become an integral part of the political sphere and closely related to fundraising. For example, Britain First attained over 700K likes on FB. Does anyone want to help promote social media accounts for the MP?

I understand that are specific campaigns that work, for example using email lists.

@Diarmuid_Russell @Solon would either of you be up for this? The content doesn’t have to be that different from what’s shared already on

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I think videos are very useful now - both on FB and youtube. I think video interviews could be a place to start and also making up videos based on whietboarding or cartoons. Does the MP have a youtube channel? If the MP stands on a child opportunity platform then interviews with schools could help. For example, Eaton now has a scholarship program aimed at people from poorer backgrounds.

The MP could also start a journal.

You mean sharing a link to the website or the Facebook page?
If so then I have done that on a few occasions already. Especially when another page shares a topic that correlates with what we stand for. On another not, I think we need a better cover graphic for the FB page, I really like the one for the UK Meritocracy page, so that’s what I think we should go for.

I don’t see the reason in the modern obsession over Facebook likes which can be paid for in bulk anyway. The actual substance of support is to be proven in the actual interaction with these organizations – NOT superficial gestures of ideological agreement. We are not fishing for fans at this point.

Rather, we should attract the smartest, most hardworking and meritorious individuals. That is the real benefit. Not the illusion of power. We want actual power, actual merit, actualized potential.

The only real benefit of “social media presence” at this stage is to help legitimize Facebook levels of interaction as sufficient and in fact preferable. This is the position of the current corrupt system which wants passive support – our message and existence is the exact opposite; we want active, fully passionate merit! We want the very thing that threatens Facebook’s perceived legitimacy and value!