Social Media Release?

guys, i have some few thoughts which might be worthwhile contemplating upon. well, i have to admit that this is not new, but this has to be seriously thought of if we want to implant the seeds of enlightenment.

  1. I have read some posts that encourage us to go to social media for faster spread of the concept of meritocracy. While this is a great idea, there is also a great deal of danger that we could face here, given that meritocracy is a threat to the OWO which we all know who are in power, we could easily be exposed and taken down. my opinion is that somebody who is expert on web development (sadly i am a civil engineer and i am not fit for this) put a site and provide guidelines how we can remain anonymous. i am serious in spreading the ideals, however i am aware that it could be dangerous for me in the long run, therefore the effort is there, but it has to be as discreet as possible which hinders the maximum potential of spreading the idea.
  2. Analysis paralysis - all of us are thinkers here in our own right, we mutually respect the capabilities of each and everyone. We take the lead on our own little ways in propagating our ideals (meritocracy). but i thought, here lies the danger, who leads all the leaders? we could be spending so much time planning our steps, yet so little work is done because no legitimate internal governance is present.

I know this site is full of brilliant people, i hope i am making any sense.

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It’s a salient question to an age old dilemma. Now, it’s social media. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t watching :slight_smile: but they probably aren’t watching as well… mostly. Unless something arrives that starts to control the narrative. The thing is to find a way. Whether that is literally cloaking stuff in encryp+ed c0de or just boldly going where no one has dared go before; which involves courage, danger and all that implies. Who will stand in the face of adversity?
Is direct confrontation effective? How will we know if no one tries?
Who is up for that? Perhaps we must consider a synthetic expression; within the prevailing conditions, of the ideals purported by Meritocracy and use the intelligence available to do something clever. I don’t mean to sound trite. Rather than literal political descriptions, actions perhaps a more artistic, creative, psychological approach. Creativity and art, aren’t necessarily confined to paintings and decorative items. True art is meaningful and conveys information that can be interpreted. Sadly nearly all current paintings and decorative items fail at this :slight_smile:
Maybe the politics of meritocracy could become an art form in itself and gather momentum thus? Would it be elevating politics to an art form or devolving it? This is just off the top of my head and someone here could maybe see a way. I think we need to continually try and inspire each other to greater creativity and originality rather than dwell too much on the status quo. Clearly, it can’t be ignored. You can’t beat an angry elephant with a feather but you can certainly tame an elephant. Someone figured out how. Can you imagine what that guy had to go through? Must have been a crazy, impossible sounding idea at first… Some thoughts…

As @xineohp mentioned, it’s unlikely anyone is “watching” us. We’re not relevant enough to be watched by anyone from the establishment (so to speak), at least not yet. We need to grow a lot for that to happen.

Besides, we’re not doing anything wrong or illegal other than expressing and developing our policies. We’re not a radical group that is espousing violence or hate crime or anything of the sort, which if you notice plenty of other political groups have increasingly been doing over the years.

Also, what is there to expose and take down? We strive to be as transparent as possible. Anyone can read this forum. Anyone can read our articles. Anyone can read our wiki. They can see what “we’re up to”. They can see we want a Millionaire Inheritance Tax. So what?

If anything, you should be concerned whether your affiliation with Meritocratic Democracy could affect your (a) personal life and (b) work life, but then again for (b) most people will not ask you about politics or religion as they know that can lead to heated debates.

You’re not in danger. You’re not relevant enough to be in danger, that’s the harsh truth. None of us are. One day we will be, but the danger will most likely be from fanatics that hate us because we want to implement 100% inheritance tax.

Lastly, you should assume that anything you do or say on the internet can one day be used against you. Pretty much nothing disappears from the internet. That’s why we embrace transparency. On the one hand as a core value and on the other because it’s less of a headache than trying to “keep things secret” when really there’s nothing to keep secret and it’s often an obstacle in the way of getting more people on board.

If you’re asking this question, then this is what I suggest: Start a small project that you think will benefit Meritocratic Democracy. Maybe an article or research or a pamphlet. Post your progress. Keep doing this. Ask for help when you need it. This will inspire and motivate others and creates a positive cycle.

well maybe you are right that nobody is “watching”, and probably i would not think about the “danger” anymore. Maybe i am a bit paranoid :joy:. However, i still believe that meritocracy is far more dangerous to the elite than any other movement that espouses violence and hate crime. if you have vast amounts of money like the upper 1%, you are beyond the grasp of violence and hate crime, but an idea like meritocracy could banish them “permanently”. so i think there is still a bit of a danger in there.

As for an article, research, or pamphlet, i think spreading the ideals through my FB account will still have the maximum output. People nowadays are crazy about social media and i think i can start from there.

Thank you for the response guys.

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Well, yes, we’re anathema to people that want to transmit vast wealth to their heirs.

Not all the elite are the same though. A number have been pledging 99% of their wealth or all of it to charitable causes (of course, what charities would need to be looked at). 1% inheritance is still tens of millions if your parents were billionaires but it’s progress.

I’m certain that if we offered a “Golden Bridge”, for example, a legally binding document that millionaires and billionaires sign where their inheritors can only receive up to $1 million then at least a few of them would sign.

My point is that the world isn’t black and white. It’s just that people at the top instinctively know what’s good for them. What’s “good for business”. If you hurt people’s business interests then they get pissed and will try to squash you, yes, but what you were implying in your original post was closer to conspiranoia than reality (e.g. with the bit about being “exposed and taken down” - as I mentioned everything we’re doing is out in the open…there’s nothing to expose).

The ending of this scene has to be one of the best in describing how the world is a business:

hahaha. i agree, i may have used the wrong words there and sounded a bit like benjamin fulford. sorry for the confusing implication of my first post, but maybe i have already rectified and made my message clearer on my last post.

Hope i don’t piss anyone when i start bringing up meritocracy ideals on social media.

Btw, thanks for the video. Cheers!

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You probably will when you bring up inheritance tax, depending on how you go about it. :stuck_out_tongue: