Southern California Meet Up


Continuing the discussion from Introduce yourself:

I think you guys should first:

  1. Make a list of everyone in the Southern California area
  2. Contact each person to find out if they want to meet up
  3. Find out about each person’s general availability, i.e. whether someone is available weekday afternoons/evenings; weekends; holidays …
  4. Use once you have everyone’s general availability
  5. Create an agenda for the meeting just to have some talking points, but meet up in an informal place, e.g. over pizza.

Ideally someone should step up into the organising role for this.


We should say Southern California not LA. We want to include San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County and Ventura. LA is Louisiana.


Thanks, I edited my original post.


count me in , My name Is Corbin Keegan and i live in Los Angeles… I’m here to meet with my Fellow Meritocrats and grow our party to the global order the world has ever known, we will have a global capitol of a united state of earthlings


Did any meetups happen?


well, here goes nothing. My name is Lee. Live in Yucaipa C.A. Its in the IE.
I will give my email, Contact me here first, and tell me where in Southern C.A you live. I will than give you my cell #.

I’m doing this in order to create a network in So Cal. Hopefully I’ll get some emails and than we can get to planning our next move once we have a team in place.

FYI. I have one guy on an app called whisper, who seems ripe for recruiting. I’ve discussed the ideas for meritocracy with him, and I’d like to bring him in. whatever that means. perhaps his access to this online community, but it’s not my call, so yeah.