Standard UKMP Flyer

We need at least 1 flyer that will be our default option for promoting the UKMP. I’m short on time and ideas to develop this though and we need it this week. The theme that’s stuck in my head at the moment is the “Are you a meritocrat?” flyer.

Does anyone have any other theme ideas for flyers?

Here’s something I threw together, it’s a double sided flyer which is prepped for print. I wanted to keep the look clean and simple. There’s a simple call to action which encourages people to seek out the site and hopefully engage with us.

Meritocracy Flyer.pdf (776.8 KB)

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Ah, nice! Thanks D, that works!

I think the first paragraph can be simplified. How about:

“1. Do you believe hard-work and talent should take you as far as possible in life? Do you believe it shouldn’t matter who your parents were or how good they were at making money? Do you believe it shouldn’t matter if you have the “right” social connections? Do you believe life is about you and what you do with it and not what your parents have done?”

It’s just a suggestion, maybe there could be an even better way to word it?

I too have 2D & 3D graphic design skills, so if you guys need anything I’m happy to lend a hand. I’m in Australia but happy to see Meritocracy flourish in any country.

It’s nice but it could do with just a little bit of graphic design to spice it up a bit… it looks a bit “banged out with a word processor” at the moment.

I’ve got a PDF and an ODG of the original flyer but with my suggested “graphic design pizzaz” (nothing too over the top)
But I’m not allowed to upload them here (I’m a new forum member and I’ve yet to earn the privilege)

So here they are in my public dropbox

I made one a couple of months ago, based on Diarmuid_Russell’s design but never uploaded it…
UKMP_Poster.pdf (84.8 KB)
Here it is. I’d love to hear your thoughts.