Starting a Nevada Branch By Recruiting Meritocrats!


I am going to be getting my creative faculties together to get some T-shirts made that promote Meritocratic Democracy and also business cards so others can receive information about what we do and how to get involved.

Will the current leaders let me know if there are any specific Logos, designs or mottos that are required to be included in and on promotional material? Otherwise I will be creating those items with my vision of how they will be most effective.

I saw a post about where if 3 people agree with it, we can take action. Maybe some of you can contribute your ideas or opinions on what should be on the shirts/cards so I can maximize efficiency.

Also I would like to get a NEVADA Category put in.

Thanks all!


Thumbs-up from me! Meritocracy needs movers & shakers right now, so go for it. You really don’t need anyone’s approval, though we’re here to help & I’m sure guidance on images & logos will be forthcoming. Most are in agreement on the ‘Meritocracy Star’ for being used as an international standard.

Here’s a sample, the team have better definition versions, which I’m sure they’ll post.

Well done in going for this, it’s the kind of creative fire that’s needed at the moment. Whether you’re starting with a movement or a full-blown political party, it’s planting the seed for future growth that matters most. Good luck! :wink:


Thanks for the design. That’ll probably be the front, then ill put some bullets on the back, with profound compelling info.


Do you need any help adding ‘Nevada’ to it?


I fired ahead & made 1 up for you… How about this?


are there any meet ups for meritocracy in nevada? id love to figure out things we can do to promote it


nice ! bring that boy to ohio. a national convention would be sick


I’m located in Nevada as well and am just getting started with this organization. Let me know what ideas you have for public assembly and everything and I would love to help.