Starting a new Meritocracy Website

Hi everyone. The Meritocracy Now website was formed in 2007 by an anonymous British group. Its agenda is indicative of the corruption in British politics. So, how can we reform their agenda to apply practically to America?

I think we need a new money system. I don’t think there should be an 100% inheritance tax.

We should have a system that doesn’t allow anyone else to become more than 10,000x wealthier than the least wealthy person. Thoughts? Is 10,000 a good number or should it be changed?

I have ideas for a way to structure the currency system and the occupational fields. The structure of society must provide no incentive to its citizens to lie, cheat, or steal. As for the way communities will be structured, I lean toward an Adam Weishaupt-esque Phalanx system.

America is a big mall. Let’s change that. Message me if you are curious and we can start our own website.

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The MeritocracyNow! website was not formed in 2007 by an anonymous British group, but just a few years ago by The Meritocracy International, who want Equal Opportunity for Every Child via some non-negotiables like 100% Inheritance Tax (understanding we may have to graduate from a cap on inheritance); Public Banking; Custom Education for Every Child; Qualified Voting; Debt Erasure; Zero Tolerance for Indoctrination of Children, and other positive freedom policies.

You can peruse the Inheritance Tax and Meritocracy FAQs at for a better understanding.

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Hi Tom,

A new website sounds interesting, but what do you want to achieve with it specifically?

I’ve had my own ideas about what would be the most effective action - I think the personal growth spiritual side is extremely vital and I’ve often thought we need to incorporate that more, over just the political side.

Because to be honest, political action can seem boring if you’re not so personally affected by it. I’ve thought maybe we need a kind of ‘personal revolution’ first. For me it’s been massively more important to focus on myself and solve all the problems and issues with my own self/personality, rather than getting involved with politics by itself.

A website though is a lot of work (if people are unmotivated) and would need to be maintained, possibly by someone who needs to show a government ID, and you also would be wanting to use plain html to avoid problems with hackers messing with the site.

An interesting idea to me is more of an unfiltered discussion about what effective plans of action are… what ways would be more effective of drawing attention online. But then I’ve thought about it carefully and I realized that it’s probably for the best not to attract any trolls, hackers or burned-out negative discussions.

Mr. Robot has a website and Twitter hashtag participation thing - that’s exciting… but it’s also never quite clear enough, is it? How do we attract all the right people who are like us? Isn’t that our main task?

The record shows
I took the blows
And did it my way

It’s one of the very difficult questions and now that we’re in an era with the newer technology, maybe some new ideas can be had; or maybe this kind of thinking itself is way too complicated to ever be expected from anyone, and the only likely compossible ways forward are the more practical ways of putting a solid call to action out there and leading by example.

Sorry but I just have to correct you on this and that’s that no government ID is needed to start a website nor do you necessarily need to use plain HTML/CSS to avoid being “hacked”. Most cases of being hacked are due to vulnerabilities in existing systems produced by someone forgetting to do something or social engineering (e.g. your phone company giving away a clone of your SIM to someone that pretends to be you).

At this stage the key is finding more people that identify as meritocrats. So we should be asking ourselves, what does it mean to be a meritocrat? Am I a meritocrat? How can I know? How can someone else know?

That’ll lead us to create articles and resources that others can use to identify with our principles and values, especially inheritance tax and equal opportunity for every child. Think about people you know personally or acquaintances, are there any that you think would consider themselves to be meritocrats if they simply but knew of the term and what it meant?

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