Strategy for the United Kingdom

Our aim is to get elected and for that we need to start with small (in the grand scope of things), but ambitious goals which are achievable. Time is of the essence as there’s a general election in 2015. We need all hands on deck to give it our best shot!


We want to win at least 1 seat in parliament for the 2015 General Election. In order to succeed and campaign for even more seats, we’re going to need to raise awareness about Meritocratic Democracy, recruit heavily, create a national platform and find candidates to run for parliament under the banner of Meritocracy.


  • UK Parliament
  • English local government
  • Mayoral elections

Keep an eye on:


The NEC (National Executive Committee) has decided to hold back from presenting candidates this election in order to focus on growing and spreading awareness of the Party.

Building the base is crucial for having stronger support in the years to come. Remember we’re in this for the long-haul!