Sydney meeting thursday

Hello friends and Meritocrats. A meeting has been set up of forum members in Sydney to occur this Thursday 05-Nov-2015, between myself and @freddie_kane and @Ed_Chy but I am posting this up incase there are others around. The plan is that we will be meeting at central station at 1:30 PM and later proceeding to a nearby bar or cafe where we can get to know each other and talk about philosophy politics and doing things

The meeting spot is indicated by the gray icon and is on a main thoroughfare from central station to eddy avenue and belmore park. All are invited to attend, though it will be great to indicate if you are coming so we dont leave without you, and also so we know who to expect.


I’ll be there.

i’ll be there too.

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Good luck, I’ll be there in spirit all the way from the northern mid latitudes…


@ChirstianG If you write up the email, I can send it to our newsletter list which has 500+ subscribers.

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I think there is insufficient notice for this meeting to send an email out to the subscriber base as there would be too short a notice, as the meeting will occur in just over 24 hours in Sydney local time from when this post is written. However I will commit to a second meeting time maybe a week or 2 weeks after the upcoming one that an email will definitely be sent out for @Roberto.

I would like to know what sort of format a subscriber base email would need to be written in as well.


Excellent, sounds good, thanks.

We use a simple template, you can think of it as writing a normal email. Here are our archives in case it helps:

As you can see, we’ve unfortunately been neglecting the newsletter, but the good thing is that it keeps on growing by itself.

See you there!

Hey, two of the people contacted me this morning and had to pull out. :confused: due to this this meeting will be postponed till next week, though this means an email can get sent out to the subscriber base.

Please put down in this thread what times next week are good, particularly any Sydney people who might have been watching this thread but not available today.

Hi Christian, are you there?

Call me I got a plan +61433853117