Test Flyers Update

My first batch of test flyers just arrived -

These are double-sided a6 size from Zazzle. 25 for £11. Not very economical, but okay for a test run to see how they look. They passed the ‘can you read it from 10 feet away’ test.

Onwards & upwards, regardless of what it says for now - now I know this size is perfect for handing out on the street, the thickness is great ( like a postcard ) and overall finish glossy & appealing.

I’ll be checking how far the price per flyer goes down with bulk ordering, or shopping around elsewhere for a better deal…


This site has some good deals as well, for mass production -

cheapest print online

They look pretty good to me, I’m in Australia though :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ed! These are ‘secondary issues’ on these flyers, just to test the printers quality. More stuff later… If you need any help, or advice about anything we’ve done here - just holler :wink:

ps - were you involved in the ‘Close/Lock The Gate’ anti-fracking movement down under at all?

No i wasn’t directly involved, but I am and have always been anti-fracking, the long term damage to the underground water supply cannot be justified with a short-term profit gain. It’s total insanity. I do what I can by spreading the word and educating others on this topic. Maybe one day I will protest but the fracking areas have all been far away from where I live. I live in the city at the moment.


Recycle Bin Sticker Prototypes - though making them rain proof in Scotland is another matter! lol :wink:

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