The Movement

This is The Movement. We are all being called.
Stand up.

We want a new religion and a new society. Personally, I have some ideas that I think could benefit the world.

I live by 9 values:

Integrity: I am honest with myself and others.
Efficiency: I am not wasteful.
Dignity: I respect myself and others.

The first three are about strength.

Patience: I wait for good things to come to me.
Temperance: I do not overindulge.
Justice: I do what is right and I expect the same from others.

These three are about wisdom.

The final three I will reveal at a later time. For now, I will reveal what I think could be a working plan for a new society.

We will have five different occupations, ranked from most chaotic to most orderly:

  1. Warrior
  2. Builder
  3. Administrator
  4. Teacher
  5. Legislator

As for the other professions, well,

There is a doctor, lawyer, and cop inside all of us.

The most chaotic profession will pay the most but offer the least job security and the highest risk. Least chaotic, the opposite.

I have an idea for a new monetary system. If anyone is interested, like and/or comment.

M for the Movement :metal: