The MSM vs. Conspiracy Theorists

The mainstream media tells the truth. But it withholds information. They tell us some of the truth but not all of it. You’ll never hear them talking about the inner workings of powerful families.
Conspiracy theorists mix blatant lies with brutal truths. It is on us to discern fact from fiction:

No, the earth is not flat, nor hollow; no, there are no lizard aliens ruling the world, no, there are no gray aliens at Area 51.
The math behind zero-gravity technology was established 400 years ago by Gottfried Leibniz but it has been lost to history; the information was consolidated so as to confuse the masses and keep them in psychological slavery.
Yes, 9/11 was a terrorist attack, and yes, it was also an inside job. The Patriot Act was written before the attack, and it raises the question: Why would our own government do that to its citizens? Well, to usher in a new era of psychological enslavement in a police state. A police state that George Orwell and others warned about for a long time.

And back to the alien myth: The world order is to be established by the same method used since the French Revolution: The Hegelian Dialectic. That is, an alien invasion will be faked using Project Blue Beam, the reaction will be controlled. Those who save us from the “aliens” become the new leaders. I call bullshit because the people faking the invasion are the same ones saving us from it. It’s upside down.

America will see a Civil War after Trump is assassinated by 4Chan, or “Anonymous.” Anonymous uses a crowdsourcing method that allows anyone to post under the name “Anonymous,” so they immediately became what they set out to destroy. The information they put out is created by the lowest common denominator of users.
Consumerist distractions will be kept alive. But when the economy collapses, Trump will be blamed, and liberals and conservatives will go at each others throats. A new cryptocurrency will be enforced; if you do not accept it, you won’t be able to buy or sell goods, so people will not have a choice. I call bullshit because the same people crashing the economy are the ones offering the new crypto. It’s upside down.

In addition, it is highly possible that Walmarts will be used to turn people into savages. More on that later, if you message me.

It’s funny, cartoons often predict the future. Look at this:

Maybe the same people running the media are in on this plan. Maybe.

Now, we have a choice:

He who exposes corruption offers a choice between war and peace.

Civil War or Meritocracy.

We are Meritocrats. I hope.