Trying to get a foundation laid in South Carolina


Hello all, I’m from South Carolina and looking to see if any forum members are also from here. It’d be nice to have someone else here who is on board to try and get organized here so we can make strides towards getting on the ballot.


This is a great venture & I’ll support it all I can, from [ unfortunately ] across the pond. I hope there’s some South Carolina Meritocrats around here, who’ll pull out the stops to get this idea up and running.

Wishing you luck!


This site might be of use for anyone who is looking to perhaps instil some Meritocratic ideas into government in the US -


Hey there. I’m not from South Carolina but I found a link that might help you Establish the Meritocracy Party in your state.

You might be the only person in South Carolina that knows about the Meritocracy Party, so it’s probably going to be up to you to build the party in your state. I hope the link points you in the right direction.