Two Minute Manifesto - Scottish Meritocracy

We should share our meritocratic principles and ideas with the wider political and arts communities of Scotland. One way of doing this is by featuring on formats such the two minute manifesto

The event, held monthly in Edinburgh promotes new ideas from a range of alternative political areas, including poetry ,discussion and direct audience participation. It would give us a chance to showcase our ideas in an objectively critical yet open minded environment.

The event consists of presenting a new idea to the audience, of which a two minute time limit will be set. So… Any ideas guys? How would you present Meritocracy if you had two minutes? What points would you emphasise?

Nice find! I think the videos here: are all great starting points for a two minute speech, or maybe even just adapting them directly.

Are you up for going to the event @RossR if we help you with the speech? I’m assuming that you live in Edinburgh or near to it :). If you are, you should definitely get @SeanMac on board with this too.