UKMP Finances

Tendenci Website: £3 a month.
Wordpress Website: £7 a month.
Domain Name: £10 a year.
Party Registration: £150 one-time fee.

These are initial costs for websites with not much power. They’ll have to be upgraded sooner or later. For example, the Tendenci website might not be able to cope with the £3 option and need the next tier (which is £6, or $10).

So, we’re looking at between £10 to £20 in revenue that the UKMP needs to be pulling in each month to finance its monthly hosting costs.

Apart from that, it’ll need a domain name with ID protection (prevents spammers), that’s about £10.

Along with the costs for registering the Party with the Electoral Commission, which is £150.

So, total start-up costs: £200. (I’ve added £20 more as a cushion against unforeseen expenses).

This is just for the UK or for NI. If we want to go for both from the very start, then that’ll be double, £400.

Let’s say membership is £10 a month. Can anyone who is reading this commit to that? (You have to be a UK citizen, although external donations will be welcome for sure - they just have to meet certain regulations).

Can anyone commit to £20-50 or more for the start-up costs?

– Sidenote: If UKMP is going to use Wordpress actively, that’ll definitely require a premium theme, which will be about £50.

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Yeah, sign me up for £10 a month, and I will donate £50.

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Thanks Gavin, that really helps!

I’ll put in £50 too.

I’ve sent an email to double-check but I recall reading that if we register both UKMP and NIMP at the same time then it’s only £150 (instead of £300).

In that case, we’d just need another £50 to get the parties officially registered.

EC replied and it’s £150 each. I’ve made a spreadsheet below with the costs to start up both parties:

Included is a Post Office box in Barcelona (where I live), with the idea of using it as the Party HQ which is public information. I think it’s best to have it here as the Party Treasurer is the one who has the most communication with the EC.

The price of the PO box is for a 1 year rental.

If anyone else can contribute financially to start up the UKMP/NIMP, please post below or send me a private message. We need £290 more (that’s 371€ or $472).

EDIT: £240 more now :slight_smile:

Where do I go to donate?

Hi. I’m happy to make a donation for start-up costs as well as set up a monthly contribution. All the best to you!

[email protected] is our PayPal address (you can send by using an option called “send money to friends/family”).

Please take into account that we’ll get hit by exchange rates twice as I need to draw out the registration fees to my bank account (as the EC appears to only accept cheques, but I’ll send them an email to find out for sure).

Awesome, thank you!

30% of the way there! I’ve updated the spreadsheet. Thank you to the first wave of donors!

Thanks. I’ve just send a donation.

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Thank you! Close to 40% of the way there and we have enough to officially register 1 of the parties :slight_smile:

Nearly 70% of the way there!

We surpassed our goal! We’re at 110% now after updating it with recent expenses and those that we’ll be paying shortly. A big thank you to everyone who sent in money - you’re part of making history in getting these parties up and running! :slight_smile:.


Brief summary of our finances to date:

I keep track of the accounts in GNUCash at the moment, so there is more complete information available if anyone has questions about something in particular. As we grow I’ll probably switch to online accounting software and export monthly reports to PDF for everyone to view and comment on.

Donating and joining via the website is completely functional.